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Values and Ethics

MEA embodies the Marine Corps, Core Values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These principles are guidelines for conducting ourselves as a transitioning Marine or Marine veteran since it is part of our way of life. Our values show what we stand for as a Marine and reflect on MEA and those organizations or associations that we have a partnership with - observing the high standards of conduct and being diligent in our duties.


MEA's reputation depends upon its leadership and members taking personal responsibility for adhering to this code of personal and business conduct protocols to retain membership as outlined in this code:

  • Advancing MEA leadership to build upon the needs and values of transitioning Marines and to inspire those aspirations and potential of transitioning Maines, employers, and others

  • Promoting social, economic, and talent management empowerment of all transitioning Marines seeking transition aid

  • Members shall not knowingly release misleading information, nor encourage or otherwise take part in the release of such information, and shall refrain from deriving any personal gain from confidential information they may have acquired in the exercise of their duties.

  • All members shall execute professional responsibilities per the National Bylaws and the highest moral principles and shall not maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients, or partnerships or communicate with malice concerning a member's competence, performance, or professional capabilities.

  • Members shall respect the rights of others in performing transition assistance responsibilities and remain steadfast in adherence to accepted opportunities.

  • Members shall not detract from the dignity of the MEA or partnerships and shall refrain from any act which might bring our profession into disrepute.

Reporting Illegal or Unethical Behavior

If a member violates our values or violates this code, it should be promptly reported to ensure prompt and consistent action against unethical or illegal behavior. MEA believes in its mission, and these values and ethics are critical to our efforts that strengthen our membership and foster our continued success.

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