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The Marine Executive Association is Marines helping Marines during transition, carrying on the Marine tradition “Taking Care of Our Own.” MEA members network their marketplace knowledge; contacts; job locations; and personal experience to assist the transitioning Marine penetrate the civilian marketplace.

Using direct contact or the Internet, MEA members assist Marines and Navy Corpsman regardless of location, experience, MOS, or skills Marines post company job openings to the MEA website, provide assistance with introductions and references, and company environment. Every member can be called upon for assistance.

The MEA website is important to transition assistance. Because employers post job openings for free, the site features quality jobs across the country and in some foreign countries. Marines can search and download job openings, post their resume for employer download, subscribe to weekly announcements of posted jobs, job fairs, and resume’s, and subscribe to daily E-Mail messages from our “Hot Jobs” coordinator, all for free.

To quote MEA founder Warren Weidhan:

“One of the things I noticed after transition, was the all - important "networking" that goes on between one Marine and another, was missing. What I did was dream up the Marine Executive Association (MEA) to formalize the process that heretofore had been simply the informal "handing off" from Marine retired (OUT), to Marine ABOUT to retire or get out. The Marine Executive Association was simply, and still is, a BRIDGE the transitioning Marine can cross and get help in the form of advice, consultation, referrals, assistance with resume writing, etc., including companies and job locations”.

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