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The first official get together of this group was held at 12:00 on Friday, February 26, 1982, at the Twin Bridges Marriott Hotel, Arlington Virginia. In attendance were:

  • BGen. Jake Glick

  • LtCol. Don Morris

  • Col. Dick Goodale

  • Col. Bill Tate

  • Col. John Kinniburgh

  • Col. Warren Wiedhahn

The unanimous feeling was that the purposes were worthy and that such an organization warranted merit. It was decided to further reflect on the “need” for such a group and to meet again in March or April to discuss it further. It was further decided that the group should remain relatively small (initially) and future attendees would be by personal invitation only.

John Kinniburgh volunteered to host the next luncheon.
Respectfully submitted,

(s) Warren H. Wiedhahn
Unofficial scribe

The first mailing list was issued on June 25, 1982, and included 19 Marines.
The Marine Executive Association was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on February 26, 1986.
The Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c) (19), on March 6, 1992 approved the Marine Executive Association. The IRS approval further stated: “Contributions to your organization are not deductible by donors under section 170(c)(3) of the code”.

Marine Executive Association Past Presidents (not the dates of election):

1983     Richard C. Schultze
1984     Frederick L. Webber
1985     Frederick L. Webber
1986     Ronald J. Lynch
1987     Richard W. Goodale
1988     Richard S. Reed
1989     E. Y. Hoyt, Jr.
1990     Roger H. Barnard
1991     Edward R. Zaptin
1992     David L. Danner
1993     Eric J. Candelori
1994     Thomas C. Sullivan

1995     Frank Chambers

1996     Joseph M. Boyle

1997     Peter Van Ryzin
1998     Al Shively
1999     Paul Dubrachek
2000     Marion Baker
2001     Joe Riggio
2002     Jack Leonard
2003     George Hofmann
2004     John Davenport
2005     John Egan
2006     Amber Peebles

2007     Chip Justice

2008     James Gough

2009     Vonzell Mattocks
2010     Tim Murphy

2011     Barett Byrd
2012     Max Wix
2013     John Beiswanger
2014     David Wills
2015     Len Ludovico
2016     Dan McLean
2017     Dr. John Bridges
2018     Dr. John Bridges
2019     Dr. John Bridges

2020     Dr. John Bridges

2021    Dr. John Bridges

2022    Dr. John Bridges

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