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Company Overview

Founded and incorporated in 2003, K2 Solutions, Inc. (K2) evolved with the intent of continued service to the nation. We deliver a broad spectrum of services, from canine training and vulnerability assessments for sensitive sites, to technical development of performance assessment tools, assessment and selection of personnel, operational advice to ground force commanders in theater, determination of future developmental requirements, and weapons and explosives training, testing and evaluation. We also offer anti-terrorism training, counter-IED training to deployed forces and those preparing to deploy, counter-proliferation training, technical development projects and programs, Red Team operations, and Table Top Exercises.

In everything we do, K2 connects the developer to the user, joining concept to combat. Impressive corporate growth each year, reflecting the ongoing trust and satisfaction of our clients, has enabled us to expand our expertise and offer a more comprehensive range of services. Company Contact: Mike Hinkley K2 Solutions, Inc. P.O. Box 690 Southern Pines, N.C. 28388 910-692-6898 office


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