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BAE Systems is committed to developing and maintaining a prominent Warrior Integration employment program. The Warrior Integration Program was established in 2008 to assist in the employment, transition, education, and career development of Wounded Warriors within BAE Systems. Through mentorship, partnership, education and leadership, BAE Systems has vowed to serve all our veterans in the same manner as they have served our country.

Employment Position Fundamentals: Provides mission-centered work the Warrior can identify with, contribute to and become passionate about and provides potential for career progression and growth in:

* Designing, developing and producing electronic systems and subsystems for military and commercial applications.

* Providing support and service to current and future defense, intelligence and civilian systems.

* Shaping specialized security and protection products for law-enforcement agencies and first responders.

* Delivering service support for armored combat vehicles, artillery systems, and intelligent munitions.

Please join our BAE Systems team and continue serving alongside the many who served beside you.

Visit our career site at Browse our many opportunities and send us your resume/profile directly via the job posting.

Chris Davison

Manager, BAE Systems Military Recruiting and Veterans Programs


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