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"Critical Thinking. Solutions Delivered."

MCR is the trusted leader in integrated program management solutions. For more than 30 years, we have provided objectivity, smart thinking and the highest levels of support to help our clients get the job done, and done right. Our vast experience and knowledgeable people are our greatest assets. Their subject matter expertise, commitment to excellence and the high quality of their work, combined with our full suite of services, allows our clients to accomplish their missions and support national priorities. Our corporate values are based on integrity, excellence, honesty, service and trust. It is through these values that we form long-term client partnerships, build expertise, and attract and retain talented employees.

Successful outcomes start with critical thinking

MCR approaches every step of Integrated Program Management with a focus on the ultimate objective: your success. Our disciplined process begins with strategy and analysis, is followed by rigorous systematic execution, and ends with measureable real-world results. Whether you are evaluating how your organization performs against its mission-essential tasks, in charge of completing a capital improvement program (such as acquiring a major weapon or information system), managing your organization’s finances or keeping a complex project on schedule, MCR brings critical thinking to the entire process. The result? Smart, powerful solutions that meet your schedule and budget—and achieve your goals.

Our business areas include:

  • Strategic Planning—Transform your organization. Develop effective approaches to better manage and align human, technological and financial resources with business goals.

  • Cost and Schedule Analysis—Prevent cost overruns, late deliveries and unpleasant surprises. Plan, track, defend and execute with quantitative solutions that allow you to make the best decisions possible.

  • Acquisition Management—Manage your resources effectively. Translate estimates into a program baseline, establish proactive controls and real time reporting.

  • Program Assessment—Ensure performance delivered. Assess and manage programmatic and technical risks from formulation through implementation.

Our domains of expertise include:

  • Defense

  • Energy

  • Environmental

  • Information Management

  • Construction

  • Transportation

  • Space

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