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Image by Daniel Eledut

Tim Murphy


Tim Murphy served for over 24 years as a Marine, with assignments in Infantry and Aviation. His first years, as a rifleman / mortar gunner with the 6th Marines. The remainder of his service was in Aviation, as both a Reciprocating and Jet engine mechanic. He was selected for Warrant, Commissioned, and selected as a Limited Duty Officer. He was assigned as a squadron Aircraft Maintenance Officer (VMCJ-2 and VMA(AW)225 (Danang, Republic of Vietnam)) and as Aircraft Maintenance Officer for CG FMFPAC. He served two tours in the Naval Air Systems Command as the Assistant Project Manager for F/A-18 Support Equipment. He retired from the Marines in 1980.

He has been a member of the Marine Executive Association since 1997 and voted and served as a member of the MEA Board since 2003, serving in all MEA Officer positions.

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