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Mr. Wix ,

First off, I would like to thank you for your initiative to reach out for success stories as well as lessons learned for MEA. I am passionate about assisting the USMC in their transitioning to the civilian workforce (even if that environment is full of veterans, the way things are done are different). I have been speaking with the university I attend, University of Mary Washington (UMW), on proposing to MEA a “conditioning” class for transitioning veterans. UMW would be able to increase the Marines’ ability to get noticed using social media (in a secure way) to meet the increasing networking demands as well as give them the competitive advantage right out of the gate in to the work force. I am interested in composing a brief but informative lesson criteria that gives them assistance from the employer’s point of view in order to give their resume more power of visibility.

I currently work for a marine-friendly employer as a recruiter. The CEO, Ken Stroud, was a Major in the USMC and seeks any way possible to give back to the corps. Therefore, when seeking possible candidates, the first place I look is MEA; however, I rarely find myself impressed with their resumes. I am sure you can agree they are unfamiliar with the requirements of a resume, and what the job market today demands since they have spent so much time reporting under an MOS (which means nothing to civilians).

So I am interested in working with you, or whoever I need to, to initiate a training program to assist them. As a recruiter for a federal contractor I am qualified to assist them in: what is demanded, how they can get noticed, resume reviews (if necessary, I can even come to do one-on-one reviews to increase their understanding for future resume development), etc..

I have been interested in doing this for the past two years; I am so thankful for your email because I feel like I may be able to make this passion a reality.

Please let me know if there is any way I can help, and bring the team at University of Mary Washington with me.


Natasha Stroud

Professional Solutions Delivered, LLC

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