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Customer Focused, Performance Driven:

TRAX is focused on high performance and high quality services in a safe environment. Our continuous improvement process is metrics-driven, outcome-based and consistently yields cost efficiencies and improved performance. Cost-Effective:

Our approach to project management recognizes the importance of being cost-effective while providing innovative solutions to servicing our complex programs. We‘re doing it now, and will continue doing so in the future. Competent & Capable:

Our risk management approach identifies and mitigates potential barriers up front, for successful project completion. We understand what it takes to successfully manage large, dynamic government contracts. At TRAX, we possess the incredible capability of taking what our customers do, and making it better. Mission-Ready:

Our workforce of skilled and highly motivated managers, engineers, scientists, logisticians, analysts, technicians and support personnel are committed to mission success as our customers’ trusted partner. We remain flexible and responsive to the demands of our customers, and current in government policies and evolving technology.


Shari Frabasilio TRAX Recruiter Ph.: 928-328-6515 Fax: 928-328-6128 Please visit our website:


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