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The Firm

The Federal Practice Group was founded in 2011 with the guiding vision that the provision of legal services must be accomplished through a value based approach. Each client represents a relationship that must be respected and nurtured.

At The Federal Practice Group our attorneys strive to provide services that exceed client expectations and are founded in the highest levels of integrity. The Federal Practice Group approaches each client need from a global perspective and leverages its governmental and international network of relationships to problem solve and engage in zealously advocacy.

The Vision

The Federal Practice Group is focused on the unique bodies of law that the U.S. Federal Government has created and its intersection with military service, federal employment law, international business, and commerce. The Federal Practice Group has assembled a team of leading internationally recognized advocates that can vigorously defend justice, maintain fairness in the government workplace, and ensure client access to the global marketplace.

Problem Solving

The Federal Practice Group attorneys are focused on finding the right balance of advocacy and resource allocation. Our attorneys are sought out for their respective knowledge, judgment, expertise, and legal acumen. They are leaders in their respective practice areas who not only serve client needs - they advocate for progressive changes in policy and practice. Our approach is to identify all concerns and not simply focus on the concern that may appear the most acute at any given time.


Each of our attorneys is vested with the discretion to value a matter based upon their assessment and client expectations. Whether it is a complex matter or routine transaction our attorneys are required to provide each client a precise cost-benefit based solution. Our number one priority is creating relationships that will endure.

Company Contact

1150 Connecticut Ave., NW

Suite 900

Washington, DC 20036-4129

(202) 862-4360


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