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Military Veteran Solutions (MVS) was founded in 2011 by Sergeant Major Frank E. Pulley, USMC (Ret.) to connect highly reputable educational, job training and job placement organizations with well-qualified veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses.

MVS is rapidly becoming a preeminent leader in assisting top level business entities with their military recruiting strategies and veteran outreach programs. In just a short amount of time, we have assisted in the training and placement of hundreds of active duty and military personnel within major industries across the United States. By creating a military to civilian pathway, we help companies increase their visibility, awareness and overall presence in the military community. This not only opens doors for employers but also for our veterans. Through our efforts, businesses attain a quality workforce with a historically low attrition rate. As a result, we are helping to reduce the unemployment and underemployment rates of veterans across the USA. Our highest mission is to "honorably serve those who have served honorably." Making Connections Due to MVS principal Frank Pulley’s 35 years of military, private sector and non-profit experience, we draw on an extensive list of established and well-respected contacts (military and civilian) located throughout the country. These connections assist organizations in rapidly developing an effective military market success blueprint, saving significant time, money and frustration. MVS fully develops veteran employment and educational strategies by: • Presenting especially vetted companies with front door access to military personnel. • Linking companies with transition assistance representatives at various military installations across the USA. • Providing access to a talented pool of hard-working, safety-conscious candidates who are focused on mission accomplishment and value a culture of integrity and competence. Our clients include companies from the energy and utility sectors, transportation, technology, safety compliance, construction, and telecom industries.


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