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ITA International, L.L.C. (ITA) is a global support services company with a focus on the maritime and coastal environments. We provide the U.S. Government; federal, state, and local agencies; and the private sector with operational analysis and planning, training, security, marine, logistics, and construction support and services worldwide. Using our Arena Process, we analyze the mission, identify all requirements, and develop innovative, integrated solutions to meet current and emergent needs and advance our clients’ missions and objectives.

At ITA, we are committed to providing rapid, professional responses to our clients’ requirements through ongoing analysis, planning, realistic training, operational support, and thorough assessments and evaluations. We consistently meet all schedule, budget, and quality constraints through our low-risk, best-value technical and management approaches, which are based upon lessons learned, previous client assessments, and industry best practices. The key to our success is continually meeting with our clients, both formally and informally; listening to their needs; and developing the right solution at the right price. We support our various clients by "task organizing" the ITA Team to meet that specific client's needs. The ITA Team is comprised of highly qualified personnel with diverse backgrounds which allows us to develop innovative solution sets even in a resource constrained environment.

To do so, ITA retains recognized subject matter experts, who possess the technical, tactical, strategic, and programmatic acumen to provide our clients with high-quality support and services, which fall into three functional arenas:

Organizational Planning and Analysis

Maritime Operations

Partnership Building

This cadre, which is composed of personnel from the U.S. military, interagency, homeland defense, first response, and academic communities, possesses the unique ability to reach across the ITA organization and reach back to corporate and industry resources to solve complex issues. Our mission is to support our client's needs in whatever "Arena" they operate... government... industry... commercial... non-profit.

We are committed to "Serving Those In The Arena"

ITA International, LLC, is a certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business and a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Point of Contact:

Amy H. Landers

Human Resource Manager

ITA International LLC

Office: 757.246.6781

Fax: 757.224.3651

Cell: 757.771.5149


"Serving those In The Arena"


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