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Hargrave Military Academy’s middle to high school education features the finest academics in a military boarding school setting. Academically challenging individualized instruction for every student is a Hargrave tradition stretching back to our founding in 1909. A Hargrave education is not limited to the classroom, but extends deeply into the areas of character development, leadership, spiritual growth and athletics.

Our focus is on each individual student and meeting his specific needs. Hargrave is a community and a family of instructors, administrators, parents and mentors all working jointly to provide an environment conducive to learning, growing and enabling students to reach their full potential.

Our mission is assisting cadets in becoming knowledgeable, thinking, and responsible citizens of their community, nation, and world.

Company Contact:

Bill Riddle

Human Resources

Hargrave Military Academy

200 Military Drive

Chatham, VA 24531

Tel: (434)-432-2583



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