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THE COMBAT ENVIRONMENT TODAY demands rapid and agile adaptation of technology to meet emerging asymmetric and conventional threats. Asymmetric Technologies, LLC provides the means to achieve that adaptation; fielding the latest product innovations, providing rapid integration, and training personnel to effectively employ those technologies in a tactically sound manner. Asymmetric Technologies (AT) can assist you in all elements of your technology commercialization or provide just a few unique individuals to assist your integration and training efforts in the field. We provide expertise using cleared and reliable former government and non-government operators, engineers, researchers and technicians who come from all aspects of the US Government and academia. AT employees range from former Special Forces Operators to federal government system integrators with recent and relevant experience. Our exclusive approach effectively supports your organization with a tailored mix of skill sets. As a small, agile, veteran-owned business we will not take on a project that we are not uniquely qualified to perform. Our size, agility, and dexterity allow us that ability to rapidly meet your unique requirements and significantly reduce and control your risk.

Timothy Doran | Services Director


326 N. Mulberry St, Suite 2A

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Office: 270.506.2671


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