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ANGLICOTECH, LLC, a service disabled veteran-owned small business, specializes in Organizational Change Management and Enterprise Information Technology Implementation and Services.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Anglicotech, LLC applies that principle to finding solutions for contemporary problems in the Defense, Homeland Security, and Intelligence industries.

In this global age of Technological Development, both game-changing solutions and opportunities emerge with stunning speed. Anglicotech, LLC stays current on all advances and leverages this phenomenon to solve problems of national importance. By integrating new and existing technologies, we create innovative solutions for our clients.

Anglicotech, LLC is a service disabled veteran-owned small business situated in the heart of our Nation’s Capital. With a dedicated team of subject matter experts and experienced consultants, Anglicotech is committed to providing innovative solutions to your most complex problems. We devise all-encompassing plans that address the tactical, operational, and strategic level. As a small business, we are able to offer extraordinary value to our clients at highly competitive rates.

Global technology development creates new solutions to problems and new opportunities at a stunning speed. Our vision is to solve problems of national importance by integrating these new technologies in ways that create new capabilities for our customers.

Anglicotech, LLC will be an industry leader in both identifying these opportunities and successfully implementing them in order to gain real benefits. Anglicotech, LLC concentrates on several cutting edge technology areas that comprise the “sense, decide, respond” action loop. Our core focus areas include sensors, ad-hoc mesh wireless networks, data integration, and decision support. Several closely related and supporting technology domains include nano-technology, robotics, unmanned platforms, human systems interfaces, and integration software. Complimentary services include consulting, implementation, and contract work that these technology areas support.

Contact information:

Colleen Hill, PHR

Lead Recruiter

Anglicotech, LLC

601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Suite 900, South Building

Washington, DC 20004

240.320.2295 (w)

202.220.3186 (w2)

202.639.8238 (f)


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