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A-G Associates specializes in helping government agencies improve the services and programs they offer to their customers who may include designated populations within the general public; military personnel, veterans and their families; internal government personnel; and citizens of other countries. Our core capabilities include:

  • Program/Project Management- PMP certified and use proven PM strategies to ensure projects fall within specified scope, budget and schedule.

  • Management Consulting/Service Improvement- A-G works with organizations that want to improve leadership capabilities, program management, service delivery, and program effectiveness. We provide organizational assessments, including qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Based on the assessment, we analyze the feedback to recommend needed changes to the organization by helping clients to decide which improvements will make the largest impact.

  • Organizational Consulting- A-G has worked closely with executives and senior managers to assess organizational realignment needs, options and strategies, and then full implementation including extensive attention to organizational culture and change management, process reengineering, and outplacement of displaced employees.

  • Strategic Planning- A-G works directly with executives and senior managers to facilitate the process and develop strategic plans. Our services include: organizational audit, environmental scanning, implementation scenarios, mission and vision formulation, strategic business modeling, performance audit, gap analysis, contingency planning, integrated planning, and implementation.

  • Human Capital/Resources Consulting- A-G consults with public and private organizations in the areas of human capital planning and implementation, training and development, career planning, recruitment and staffing, compensation, and performance management.

  • Personnel Management- A-G has the technical ability to support staffing and classification needs such as analysis of skills, knowledge and competencies needed in each position, development of recruitment materials, screening applicants, recruitment services, and development of orientation for new employees.


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