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Company Information:

LHI was founded by Donald Weber in La Crosse, Wis. in 1999. Weber formed the company to address critical military medical readiness concerns, beginning with mass immunization of Service members against anthrax. As the program model produced healthy results, the company and government worked together to explore the facilitation of other health services through on-location event services.

LHI has continued to expand its provider network, services and customer base. Today the organization offers care for mission critical: innovative health care solutions for the people who keep America running. From on-location immunizations to in-clinic care, from vaccine storage to kitting and distribution, LHI seamlessly manages the logistics of health care for employers and their people. Our capabilities allow us to do this throughout the U.S. and beyond, and include a substantial breadth of services: occupational health, medical, dental and behavioral health. Today, LHI’s team consists of an impressive network of more than 25,000 licensed health care providers and nearly 900 experienced professionals at the organization’s corporate headquarters in La Crosse, and other communities throughout the nation.

LHI is built upon a firm foundation of values that comprise the core of who we are as an organization. These va

lues drive our daily decision-making, our dedicated service to our customers, our role in our communities and our approach to achieving organizational goals. We strive to embody these values in all we do.

Commitment:Fulfill our promises to employees, customers and communities. Excellence: Exceed expectations through high quality service. Integrity: Always do the right thing. Compassion: Serve with concern, kindness and respect. Innovation: Provide unique and effective solutions to challenging requirements.

Contact Information:

Phone: 866-284-8788

Fax: 608-793-2905



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