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From our Chairman-Elect

For over 35 years, the Marine Executive Association’s (MEA) ethos has provided value and a level of commitment of “taking care of our own.” As we transition from 2018, we are transforming MEA to further align to our value propositions with a focused outlook associated with Once a Marine, Always a Marine.


While we only have one MEA, we do support MEA Chapters as part of our “Marines helping Marines” networking campaign supporting and connecting transitioning Marines to potential employment.


As we also engaged in our own transition towards transformation, we are redefining who we are, who we have been, and how we are structured.


·       Who we are:  The Marine Executive Association is a national, volunteer, non-profit organization of former and current active duty Marines. We are a membership organization composed of Marines from all ranks and MOSs who have agreed to contribute their civilian job hunting and hiring experiences to fellow Marines.

·       Who we have been:A source of  counsel, encouragement, and suggestions to former or active duty members of the U.S. Marine Corps who are transitioning from active duty to retired status, who are leaving the Marine Corps at the end of their tour, or are moving from one position of employment to another.

·       How we are structured:We are governed by an elected Board of Directors and elected officers of the Corporation.


Join us in our transition to transformation, become a member as we continue towards -- Connecting Marine Talent with Job Opportunities!


We (MEA) have begun our transition to transformation recently by designing a 90-day Pilot Program and Action Plan for Technical, Administrative and Operational support. This pilot program will make us more competitive, responsive to our dues paying members and further support our Marine partners, Ambassador program, Regional (West, Central and East) construct and Marine for Life (M4L) stakeholders.


MEA has a proud tradition of taking care of our own, and we are equally as committed to our time-honored values of honor, courage, and commitment.


Semper Fidelis,


Dr. John H. Bridges III

MEA, President and Chairman-Elect