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Noblis MSD-4

General Info




Senior Systems Engineer

Full Time

About the Company

Noblis MSD is a subsidiary of Noblis, an independent, nonprofit organization with a proud tradition of serving federal clients objectively and with the highest caliber of scientific and technical excellence. Together, the Noblis family of companies is making an impact on the civil, defense, homeland security and intelligence & law enforcement missions.

About the Role

Noblis MSD is seeking a Senior Systems Engineer with experience in PMW 160 systems (CANES and ADNS), PMW 120 systems (SSEE INC E and F) and PMW 130 systems (HBSS and ACAS) to lead the PMW 160 Other Customer Funded (OCF) USCG CANES-based Variant (CBV) Project. This position requires demonstrated experience in project planning and scheduling, requirements and design analysis, risk management and oversight of functional areas such as system design engineering, cyber security, logistics, training, system production and installation. Position requires strong working knowledge of software products related to virtualization (e.g., VMware), operating systems (e.g., Microsoft Windows Server and Workstation, Red Hat and Linux), security applications (e.g., ACAS, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator); strong working knowledge of enterprise-level hardware products (i.e., servers, workstations and mobile devices) and networking products (e.g., Cisco ASA/IOS/ISE).


See link to job description/application.

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