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Katmai Government Services-2

General Info




Information Management Specialist


About the Company

WHO ARE WE? Katmai is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ouzinkie (you-ZINK-ee) Native Corporation (ONC). The majority of ONC Shareholders who live in Ouzinkie are lifelong residents of the village of Ouzinkie, Alaska. The people of Ouzinkie are Alutiiq (a-LOO-tik) by ancestry, meaning they are a group of Native Alaskans who have made their home in and around the coastal areas of Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska for the past 7,000 years. Working for Katmai means promoting the cultural and economic stability of one of Alaska’s great indigenous peoples.

Katmai was initially formed in 2007 by ONC to hold and manage its interests in companies and joint ventures which contract with the US Federal Government. KGS is charged with producing profits through the acquisition and successful management of US Federal contracts or other commercial efforts, which are distributed to ONC. ONC, an Alaska native village corporation, determines how to distribute those profits such that they benefit ONC Shareholders.

HOW IS “KATMAI” PRONOUNCED? Katmai is pronounced “KAT-my.” Although the company’s full name is “Katmai Government Services” (or KGS), the organization is referred to as simply “Katmai.” The name “Katmai” derives from an early Native settlement located near present-day Katmai National Park and Preserve that was abandoned after the Novarupta volcano erupted in 1912, forcing many locals to move across the ocean strait to establish what is now the current community of Ouzinkie. Katmai is thus seen as an important ancestral home for many of the people of Ouzinkie.

About the Role

This position provides the ISMO staff with database and web developer technical support for current and evolving goals.


Serve as webmaster for the MCWL Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET) ( and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) ( websites supporting the MCWL Public Web Site Policy.
Assist the MCWL Information Management / Information Systems (IM/IS) Community of Interest (COI) which consists of the Government Manager (G3) and MCWL Divisional Representatives, in prioritizing and in approving user requests by providing estimates as to size, scope, and resources needed to make software, data, and infrastructure changes to the system.
Conduct requirement analysis with system users to determine the software design for all approved software changes. At a minimum, the contractor shall document the request for change, the type of change (e.g., new feature or a modification to existing feature), the impact to the existing system, the timeline required to implement, and the identification of any associated costs, such as hardware or software purchase requirements.
Generate screen mock-ups for all approved user interface change requests prior to commencing with software design and development, as required, and directed by the COR.
Design application code and database changes.
Write and execute, upon COR approval, test procedures as part of the implementation for all approved system changes.
Develop user-training materials and conduct classroom user-training sessions related to IM/IS.
Monitor and record website (and portal) traffic statistics, monitor other system maintenance tasks as required such as data backups, data recoveries, and report generation; report discrepancies when found to the COR.
Support MCWL in all areas of IM/IS to include assisting in operational support of all legacy IM systems and applications on the SIPRNET and NIPRNET, researching and exploring alternative IM solutions, investigating, and exploring Marine Corps enterprise IM applications (MS SharePoint, InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, and Power Platform) and providing technical suggestions and associated cost estimates to the COR.
Control user access to the MCWL web sites and monitor disk space usage.
Develop, coordinate, and define ways that electronic and information management strategies will assist the MCWL.
Design, develop, and recommend integrated security systems solutions that shall ensure proprietary / confidential data and systems are protected.
Participate with the Government in the strategic design process to translate security and business requirements into web development designs.
Develop and maintain policies, procedures, and guidelines for SharePoint usage.
Design, develop and implement web applications and SharePoint web-parts; providing front line support guiding users to develop their requirements and assist users with system problems.
Support MCWL’s KM Policy.
Support the Lab’s development of MS Office and MS SharePoint interoperability. The contractor shall be responsible for all training certification listed in this description.
Maintain regular and punctual attendance.
Perform other duties as assigned.



Civilian Education: Bachelor's degree preferred, preferably in a scientific discipline.
Military Education: Commensurate to experience.
Must possess comprehensive knowledge of the Marine Corps, its missions, force structure, warfighting concepts, tactics, techniques, procedures, doctrine. In addition, must possess a working knowledge of the Marine Corps Warfighting Concepts and the combat development process.
Demonstrated knowledge of the Expeditionary Force Development System and the organization and missions of ONR and MCWL.
Understanding of the Marine Corps and Joint requirements development process
Experience in military experimentation and integrating operational concepts and requirements into new and emerging technologies.
Knowledge and understanding of the conduct of military and Marine Corps operations (TTPs and technologies.
Writing skills commensurate with article submission to military publications.
Must obtain and maintain a valid secret security clearance. Certain roles may require Top Secret or Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access.
Must have an intermediate knowledge of the Microsoft office suite.
Must obtain and maintain any necessary security access and/or background checks.


Excellent oral and written communications skills.
Must be able to work independently with little or no supervision, be exceedingly well organized, flexible.
Strong organizational skills and detail oriented
Ability to multi-task.
Demonstrated ability to perform diverse duties under operating and deadline constraints.
Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; monitors own work to ensure quality.

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