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Corps Solutions

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Tactical Training Specialist

Full Time

United States

About the Company

Corps Solutions is a training and education company that specializes in Live, Virtual and Constructive training. We provide exceptional service and exceed industry standards in the following core competencies: Range Areas and Range Systems Management, Synthetic Training Systems Support, Knowledge Based Services, Training and Education Services, and Live Virtual Constructive Integration.

About the Role

The TTS is familiar with official messages, orders, and directives that outline theatre and MAGTF specific pre-deployment training requirements. The TTS is expected to remain current with potential threats and enemy TTPs through vetted sources, the layering and sequencing of training and readiness standards, Mission Essential Tasks List/METL, and emerging concepts from the Regimental to Fire-team level. The TTS understands functional intelligence/operations integration and the functional creation/development, usage, analysis of intelligence products to support training. The TTS reports to the Project Manager and receives work direction derivatives from the prime contractor’s Site Lead.

-Support integration of emerging tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP), and lessons learned that set the foundation for enhanced war fighting skills.
-Provide functional knowledge of the use and incorporation of intelligence enablers and systems to challenge optimal incorporation within their capabilities and limitations.
-Understand and articulate the full operational applicability of intelligence functions for the optimal use and integration of intelligence products and capabilities.
-Maintain liaison with Operations/Intelligence sections and POCs within MEF and MSCs (DIV/MLG/ACE/MEUs/SPMAGTFs).
-Develop reports and briefings at the BN HQ level and below recommending training resources available to meet unit training needs IOT track USMC service and theater level training requirements capturing service approved and command directed training for units designated to deploy.
-Facilitate the TSC 8-step Training and Exercise Design and Development Process that focuses on the Unit Commander’s METL, guidance, associated T&R tasks, and full use of available resources in order to design an exercise that meets the Commander’s objectives and adheres to USMC training principles.
-Adhere to the TSC Standard Operating Procedures and the TSC Administrative Desktop Procedures.
-Develop training material (exercise design and associated scenario development training material) to support Unit Commanders in meeting their fundamental home station training objectives (e.g., Intelligence scenarios, joint operations scenarios, threat scenarios, interagency operations scenarios, and scenarios specific to current theater operations).
-Develop Training Event Execution Guides (TEEG), Master Scenario Event Lists (MSEL), scenario threads, role player biographies, genograms, propaganda documents, and intelligence summaries that will support home station training objectives.
-Participate in unit sponsored Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) and training cadre planning IOT develop training scenarios based on unit home station training requirements.
-Operate Government furnished software to create high level scenarios and exercises.
-Develop exercise control concept documents and briefings to include exercise control plan designs, communications architectures, MSEL execution and control guides and threat integration plans enabling the logical development of complex exercises.
-Develop and deliver briefing and reports analyzing the overall unit tasks, training objectives and unit Core and Assigned METs as a part of the overall linkage to associated exercise support products.
-Develop briefs and coordinate with staff and action officers (Operations/Plans/Training) at the BN HQ level and below as part of the Combat Operation Center (COC) development processes and procedures which include targeting board outcomes, attrition matrices, red cell actions, and exercise control design for C2 information flow and logical control of training events.
-Develop and deliver exercise evaluation report formats IOT incorporate task analysis and T&R analysis in AAR development.
-Perform other related duties incidental to the work described.


-​​​​​High school diploma or equivalent required.
-Bachelor's Degree preferred.

-​​​​​Minimum of ten years' military experience; Marine Corps or U.S. Army
Regiment, Group, or Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) level operations/training experience with a focus on logistics or command and control within ground/aviation units.
-Current operational experience (i.e. OEF or OIF, MEU/ SPMAGTF).

-Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
-Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook), Adobe, and other media type software.
-Understand the MAGTF concept for training MSCs.
-Understand Marine Corps Instructional Systems Design/Systems Approach to Training and Education.
-Proven experience communicating and coordinating with Battalion (+) level leadership.
-A wide degree of creativity and latitude is required.
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
-Must be able to work independently with little or no supervision, be exceedingly well organized, flexible.
-Confidential data and information management experience required.
-Strong familiarity with government regulations and directives pertaining to confidentiality, document retention, and project site protocols.
-Demonstrated ability to perform diverse duties under operating and deadline constraints.

-Required to sit or stand for extended periods of time and maintain focus.
-Occasional travel may be required.
-Qualification as an authorized company driver is required.
-All authorized company drivers must have a valid driver’s license, current automobile insurance, and a driving record that is acceptable to the company’s auto insurance provider.

-Occasional travel may be required.
-Qualification as an authorized company driver is required. All authorized company drivers must have a valid driver’s license, current automobile insurance, and a driving record that is acceptable to the company’s auto insurance provider.
-Daily travel in local area during work day (including use of personal vehicle).

-A Secret security clearance is required for this position.


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