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7 Eagle Group-147

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Armature Winder

Direct Hire F/T

About the Company

At 7 Eagle Group, our mission is to connect talented Military Veterans and transitioning Service Members with businesses that value the sheer grit and experience they bring to America’s workforce.

About the Role


Be physically fit enough to be able to stand for long periods, bend, twist, kneel and lift 50 lbs. without injury.
Use at a basic level, computerized scanning devices, cameras, and other common electronics.
Perform a variety of operations winding armatures, fields, stators, and rotors for electric motors and generators.
Inspect various kinds of electro-mechanical equipment for damage and evidence of electrical malfunctions.
Test the condition of windings according to EASA standards.
Check, clean, file, and drift core as necessary.
Test and insert coils and maintain dimensions given on data sheets.
Place leads, solder, or braze connections as required and insulate.
Drive slot wedges, the band as necessary or specified, and prep for impregnation.
Place surge rings; fasten, remove or install revolving field coils.
Illustrate and/ or document all relevant data specific to the unit’s electromagnetic characteristics, operating conditions, existing damage, or intended serviceability. Fill out company-required paperwork completely and legibly.
Prepare all reusable parts for rewinding and inspect renewed parts for hidden structural damage or unusual conditions.
Rewind various kinds of electro-mechanical equipment, including but not limited to single-phase, three-phase, dc fields, armatures, wound rotors, and transformers. Observe insulating techniques and/ or requirements during rewinding.
Test rewound electro-mechanical equipment according to EASA standards and document results.
Critically evaluate your own work so that it may be defect free.
Observe all safety procedures and policies and use proper protective equipment (eye, ear, steel toe shoes/boots, gloves, etc).
Keep the work area clean and organized.
Willing and able to work overtime, weekdays and weekends, and be available to respond to customer emergencies.

A Successful Employee is:

Responsible - owns mistakes when they happen, comes through with commitments and is generally trustworthy. Knows when help is needed and seeks it out.
Reliable - does what they say they are going to do. Is consistent and dependable.
Helpful - is willing to pitch in to get the job done, even if it isn’t their “job”. Is considerate in their work habits so that other people are not intentionally impacted.
Flexible – is able to roll with the punches when priorities shift and tasks change.
Independent – doesn’t require constant monitoring to work. Can initiate work and complete it even if no one is watching.
Attentive – is able to follow instructions both written and verbal. Is able to understand the work well enough to discern when instructions don’t fit the task, or the task has changed, and is willing to ask for help.
Ethical and respectful – of the company, the work, the people that work here and the work they do and of course, the customers.
Interested in advancing their skills set through continuous training or apprenticeships



Technical Skill Requirements:

Five years or more of experience in electric motor rewinding, AC / DC stator, rotor, and armature winding with random and form coils.
Winding experience from fractional HP to 1000 HP.
Own your own tools
Operate specialized repair and testing equipment, including but not limited to: winding machines, test panels, surge testers, core-loss testers, cut-off saws, burnout ovens, bake ovens, grinders, cranes, tow motor, brazing units, dip tanks, VPI systems and various hand-held power and non-power tools.
The ability to read blueprints, schematics and shop drawings.
Experience using calipers and reading micrometers.
Mechanical or machining experience.

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