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I had a meeting a couple years ago with a friend and business associate who I knew had served for 10 years as a Marine.  He is a combat veteran and former Drill Instructor.  He was a senior manager in the telecommunications industry.  I previously had changed the meeting to accommodate my attendance at the monthly MEA meeting.  When our meeting started my friend stated that he had been invited to an MEA meeting once just after landing a job with SIAC.  He had remarked to his boss “Oh that’s that officer’s group.”


His boss asked him to come into his office.  He brought up an e-mail (it probably originated with you Max).  This e-mail had been forwarded through several hands, but at the beginning of the thread was the announcement of this guy’s availability along with his resume – from MEA. His first meeting happened after a TAP class.


Kindest Regards,

Bill Card

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