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The Job Search Process

Looking for a job is always a little daunting, especially if it’s your first time ever, or your first time in many years. In this section, we’ve tried to put together all the resources you’ll need to effectively search for a job in the civilian sector. These include general tips and tools, and also some special resources only available to former active duty and reserve Marines and other veterans.

The first aspect of you that employers or recruiting companies will encounter is your resume. This makes it a crucial one, and to that purpose we’ve collected some valuable resources under Resume Tips and Tools. This section describes what should be in your resume, provides a resume template you can download and edit, allows you to post your resume on the MEA site so that it can be viewed by Chuck Anderson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and to submit your resume for review by MEA professionals.

Other materials you’ll need to prepare are Cover Letters and References.

Recruiting companies are an important channel you can use to distribute your resume to the widest audience. Learn about the advantages of this option in Recruiting Companies.

Get some advice on how to manage your search in Job Search Tips. If you feel you need some more formal training on how to perform a job search, check out the options in Tutorials and Workshops

You can search for current job listings in the links provided under Employment Opportunities, and check out other opportunities to network and hook up with prospective employers under Networking and Recruiting Events.

Does it really work? Read our MEA Success Stories to get inspired, then go out and find your own ideal job!


NOTE: If you want to further your education before looking for a job, read our Education Opportunities section to find out what grants and other resources are available to Marine Corps veterans.