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Virtual Job Fair for Marines

The Marine Executive Association will host a nationwide Virtual Job Fair for Marines July 18-19, 2012 in conjunction with Corporate Gray and Brazen Careerists. This introductory MEA/Corporate Gray/Brazen Careerists Virtual Job Fair includes a special offer covering both days for $595, with early sign up at $495 for both days. (Early sign up ends COB 17 June.)
Here is what we have set up:
  • Virtual Job Fair will be on 18 and 19 July, 2012.
  • Day one - 18th - will be for job seekers east of the Mississippi.
  • Day two - 19th - will be for job seekers west of the Mississippi.
  • At login, Marines will be taken to the virtual lobby where they sign up to participate, at no cost to the Marine. The lobby will identify companies by name or logo (your choice). Marines can review the companies early, and will be notified as additional companies sign up. 
  • I've looked at several virtual job fairs, and think the Company Booth should have info describing:
    • Jobs open with link to apply on-line - locations will be important to the Marine. FYI, 80% of first tour Marines return to their home town area, 10% to their girl friend / wife's home town area, while the other 10% go to school. By the way, we plan to have two schools that use distance learning techniques so that the Marine can increase his / her education and skills while still working for Amazon. 
    • A resume drop box (linked to the company POC)
    • Benefits
    • Company history, objectives, and additional info the company wants a candidate to see.
  • On Job Fair day (18 and 19 July), a company rep will have the ability to on-line chat with the candidates that request a chat. A time limit for connection will be set up and shown to both the candidate and company rep screens. The on-line connection will be open for about four hours each day, and can be shut down or extended based on traffic to your booth.
Brazen Careerists has provided information in the following link on how the Virtual Job Fair works.
Questions, please contact me. Thanks and Semper Fi, 
Tim Murphy
Marine Executive Association, Executive Director
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.