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MEA Board PDs (Current)




Section 1.  Chair.  The Chair will assume duties after serving one year as the President. It shall be the duty of the Chair to abide by and enforce the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.  The Chair, or designee, will preside at all meetings of the membership and as the Board may direct, and will have signatory authority on the organization’s checking account. The Chair will work with the Executive Director and the President to develop the Corporation’s strategic plan. Once approved by the Board, the Chair will work with the Executive Director and the President to execute subject plan. The Chair will assign Board members (at least three) to audit the corporation finances, at least annually.

Section 2.  President.  The President, in the Chair’s absence or inability to perform duties, shall assume and execute the duties of the Chair.  The President shall serve as an administrative assistant to the Chair, and is responsible for the preliminary planning for the next administration, and will have signatory authority on the organization’s checking account. The President is responsible for representation of the organization at all National Marine Corps Council (NMCC) meetings.  The President will be elected for one year and will automatically become Board Chair the following year. Therefore, the President is also considered the “Chair Elect.”   The President will prepare a two year Pro Forma budget for board approval, using planning and information from board members. The period will cover the MEA fiscal year (1 July through 30 June, annually). The President will provide signature authority for all contracts. In the event that the President is not available, he / she will assign the responsibility to the Chairman or Vice President.  

Section 3.  Vice President.  The Vice President, in the President’s absence or inability to perform the duties of President or Chair, shall assume and execute the duties of President or Chair, as required.  The Vice-President shall also serve as the administrative assistant to the President. The Vice-President will assume the duties of the President after serving one year in the position of Vice-President. The Vice-President must have served at least one year in another board position prior to becoming Vice-President. The Vice-President shall also perform the following:  

  • Support the Chair and Chair Elect (President) in the execution of all duties and responsibilities;
  • Preside over all meetings and activities of the MEA in the absence of the Chair;
  • Maintain viable formal/informal communications with members of the Board and the MEA Membership at large;
  • Monitor and provide guidance & oversight of the various MEA Committees;
  • Ensure that ongoing contracts are in place to support scheduled MEA luncheons and transition events;
  • Ensure the retention of necessary records and reports to provide for continuity of the MEA history, as necessary;
  • Participate in MEA sponsored Transition Panels in support of Henderson Hall, NNMC Bethesda, and Quantico Family Service Centers (TAP, MOAA, WWR, & USAA), as required or requested.

Section 4.  Secretary.  The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Board proceedings, to include votes on all issues presented during Board meetings, and shall perform like duties for standing committees, when directed by the Chair or President. The Secretary shall prepare a draft record of all meeting minutes and, after receiving concurrence from the President, shall publish the minutes to all members of the Board. The Secretary shall give, or cause to be given, such notice as is required for all meetings of the membership and the Board of Directors, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Chair or the President.  The Secretary shall keep the seal of the Corporation in safe custody and, when authorized by the Board, affix the same to any instrument requiring it. When so affixed, the Secretary shall attest to it by signature.

Section 5.  Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall monitor all transactions of the Corporation and shall provide an account of all transactions and of the financial condition of the Corporation to the Board of Directors, as required.  The Treasurer shall present an annual report, to include a balance sheet of financial status of the Corporation. This report will be provided as of the installation date of new officers for the proceeding year.  The Treasurer will serve a two-year term. The Treasurer shall also perform the following:

  • Maintain the Corporation’s financial records;
  • Process all revenue incoming to the Corporation (e.g., dues, lunches);
  • Maintain the Corporation’s checkbook and pay all of the Corporation’s bills;
  • In the absence of the Executive Director, , or have retrieved the mail from the post office at least weekly; sort the mail and forward it to appropriate board member;
  • Turn over all financial records, in good order, at a the end of tenure of office to the succeeding Treasurer
  • Provide Corporation finance records to the Financial Audit committee.
  • Receive Chapter financial records and prepare the information for submission to the IRS on 15 August of each MEA fiscal year. Ensure that the latest reporting information and forms are used. Provide a copy of each submission to the Corporation secretary for historical records.
  • Implement the approved budget.
  • Provide board members with MEA implications from changes to IRS financial reporting for non profit corporations.

Section 6.  General Counsel.  The General Counsel will be a member of the Corporation who is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia, the State of Maryland, or the Commonwealth of Virginia. The General counsel will provide legal advice to the Chair, President and Board of Directors, and guide the Corporation on legal issues.

Section 7.  Executive Director. Annually, the Chair shall appoint the Executive Director with the consent of the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director shall perform administrative duties of the Corporation with advice and consent of the Board and will serve as an ex-officio member of the Board. The Executive Director will be reimbursed for performing some duties. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Pick up the mail and distribute it to the appropriate board members, as follows:
    • Membership applications and new member information to the Membership Director
    • Financial statements to the Treasurer
  • Check phone messages;
  • Make arrangements with the club system(s) for the luncheon dates;
  • Represent the MEA with other Marine organizations;
  • Complete the annual corporate form, and forward it to the Chair for signature.
  • Maintain a log of corporate records and reports, due and completed. Provide the Secretary a digital copy of all reports and records.
  • Participate in developing the strategic plan.
  • Provide tasking to the Administrative Assistant.

Section 8. ‘At Large’ Directors. Other MEA Board Members are expected to fulfill the responsibilities listed under their office:
Site Networking Coordinator

  • Get interesting and qualified speakers for the luncheon program
  • Coordinate details for program to include luncheon announcement and publicity
  • Meet speaker and provides support at the luncheon
  • Get speaker notes to publish in newsletter and web site, if appropriate
  • Send thank you note to speaker
  • Provide the Speaker with a MEA thanks memento
  • Serve as Liaison with the Marine For Life and Wounded Warrior Programs leadership, as appropriate


  • Use every opportunity to publicize MEA
  • Create and update a POC database to publicize MEA to include PAOs, websites, MCA, Marine Times, base newspapers, and transition offices.
  • Network with other organizations for win/win opportunities.

Transition Assistance Panel Coordinators

  • Coordinate the assignment of members of the panel
  • Coordinate with Henderson Hall or Quantico transition Offices to ensure that TAP panels are supported
  • Provide TAP panel dates to Luncheon coordinators to ensure maximum transition participation.


Coordinate input to the website with source and technical webmaster

Make sure web site is up and running

Coordinate with the Treasurer to pay the website bill

Answer any questions about the website

Ensure that the web site is current

Make sure that the content is in keeping with the MEA principles

Maintain the electronic version of the membership database,

Provide the President with a contract for networking services approval and implementation.

Provide information that ensures the MEA website ownership remains current for the corporation.


  • Manage the forwarding and distribution of “Hot Jobs” and resumes form Marines and employers.


  • Participate in MEA sponsored Transition Panels when possible in order to promote benefits of transition planning and networking, and to answer related questions from the participants and offer advice based on previous transition experiences.
  • Participate in MEA sponsored luncheons and networking events when available in order to actively promote networking, recruit potential members, and encourage members to maintain current contact information for the Directory.
  • Serve as the point of contact for new and renewing members; respond to questions, phone calls, e-mails from members in a timely manner;.
  • Draft and process an MEA Welcome Letter to be mailed electronically to new members.
  • Draft and process an annual MEA Membership Renewal campaign.
  • Serve as Public Relations volunteer on behalf of MEA to the membership and potential members to help resolve any concerns or questions regarding member services.


  • Maintain viable formal/informal communications with members of the Board and the MEA Membership at large.
  • Participate in MEA sponsored Transition Panels and luncheons, when available;
  • Solicit MEA news articles from board members and chapters.
  • Compose, edit and publish the MEA Newsletter.


  • Each chapter President is a member of the MEA board, as well as the chapter.
  • Each chapter President should participate in MEA board meetings. If the chapter President is unable to participate, he / she should designate a chapter Officer to participate and vote the President’s proxy
  • Chapters that use the MEA non-profit designation should submit chapter financial information to the MEA Treasurer by 1 August of each year, (the MEA fiscal year is 1 July through 30 June, annually).
  • The chapter coordinating Director will search for new chapters to be established and will coordinate the processes and implementation.

Resume Database

  • Download and forward for review by MEA members resumes of Marines requesting assistance. Update the resume database on the website.
  • Recruit MEA members to provide resume review assistance. Maintain a roster of members that will provide assistance.

Section 9.  Chair Emeritus. All former Chairs will automatically be awarded the title of “Chair Emeritus” upon completion of their official duties with the organization, unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors. This position serves in title only and does not carry any official responsibilities or functions.

Section 10.  General Expectations.  All board members are expected to attend all board meetings, in person or electronically. If a member is unable to attend a specific meeting, the member will provide any agenda items to the President and Secretary at least four days prior to the scheduled meeting.  Any board member who is unable to participate in a board meeting should arrange for delivery of agenda items and authorize a proxy to record their vote. In the event that a Board member becomes unable to participate in their responsibilities, they should provide the President with alternative or selected duties they can perform.