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SOF Operations Integrator (Reston, VA 50% Deployed) (TS/SCI Required) – POC in Listing

Posted by on December 6, 2017

To apply to this job, contact .

Job                    Title:  Special Operations Forces (SOF)                  Operations Integrator

Experience                    Level:  Senior

Location:                   Reston, VA

Deployments:                   30%- 50%

Security                    Clearance Requirement:  TS/SCI


Quiet                    Professionals, LLC (                  is seeking multiple SOF Operations Integrators to work                  in Reston, VA (30%- 50% Forward Deployed) as part of a                  multi-discipline Joint Service SOF C-IED analytical                  support team supporting forward deployed Special                  Operations Forces Commanders, their staffs and their                  subordinate units with fusing operations and                  intelligence information in an effective, seamless                  process to enhance their effectiveness against threat                  networks that facilitate or employ Improvised                  Explosive Devices (IEDs).
This multi-discipline team provides operations advice                  to SOF commanders and staff on all activities with                  regards to planning and synchronization of effort of                  our customer’s support to deployed SOF elements. The                  team will coordinate SOF requests for support with                  other deployed counter-improvised explosive Device                  (C-IED) assets provided by our customer and partner                  nation elements. The Team will It will ensure SOF                  assets are kept abreast of all current and emerging                  C-IED processes, methodologies, and Tactics,                  Techniques & Procedures (TTP) for attacking                  networks that utilize IEDs.
The SOF Operations Integrator will provide operations                  advice to SOF commanders and staff on all activities                  with regards to planning and synchronization of C-IED                  support to deployed SOF elements, coordinate SOF                  requests for C-IED support with other deployed assets                  and enabling elements, ensure SOF assets are kept                  abreast of all current and emerging C-IED processes,                  methodologies, and Tactics, Techniques &                  Procedures (TTP) for attacking networks that utilize                  IEDs,  and provide advice to SOF Commanders and their                  staff on how to best integrate C-IED, and specifically                  Attack the Network (AtN) capabilities into their                  ongoing operations and analytical efforts.


Best                    Candidates:   The best candidates will be                  recently retired or soon to be retiring SOF Senior                  NCOs, Officers, or Warrant Officers who have an active                  TS/SCI, a combination of leadership and staff                  experience, multiple SOF combat deployments to                  Afghanistan, Iraq, locations in Africa, or other                  similar deployments where C-IED planning and Attack                  the Network combat operations took place, and will                  have the knowledge and credibility required to advise                  senior SOF Commanders and Staff on integration of                  C-IED efforts into the planning and execution of                  ground combat operations.
Detailed Responsibilities:
SOF Operations Integrators, in conjunction with other                  members of the SOF Support Team, will work with                  tactical and operational Special Operations Forces                  (SOF) elements (ODA to TSOC) to leverage cutting edge                  tools and processes designed to improve intelligence                  and operations fusion within their planning and                  mission execution cycles. The focus of these fusion                  efforts is exposure of enemy networks that employ                  IEDs.
The SOF Operations Integrator will serve as a direct                  link between our customer and deployed SOF units on                  all current and future initiatives.
The SOF Operations Integrator serves as the primary                  advisor to the deployed SOF commander and staff on all                  activities with regards to planning, and                  synchronization of effort of our customer AtN support                  to deployed SOF elements. The Operations Integrator                  applies in-depth understanding of both the supported                  unit’s operational requirements as well as our                  customer’s AtN capabilities in order to identify                  exploitable vulnerabilities of targeted enemy                  organizations. The SOF Operations Integrator must                  apply a thorough understanding of the Ops/Intel fusion                  process as well as subject matter expertise on SOF                  operations, IEDs, and our customer’s capabilities.
The SOF Operations Integrator ensures all SOF requests                  for AtN support are fully coordinated with other                  customer deployed assets. The Operations Integrator                  advises SOF Commanders and their staffs on how to best                  integrate our customer’s capabilities into their                  ongoing operations and analytical efforts.
Successful applicants must possess strong oral and                  writing skills, experience working with                  multidiscipline teams, and the ability to identify and                  analyze problems through the lens of their experience                  and subject matter expertise in order to generate                  executable solutions.
The SOF Operations Integrator must have the ability to                  perform tasks with Microsoft productivity software and                  applications.

The                  SOF Operations Integrator should have the ability to                  perform tasks with the following web-based                  intelligence tools, software, and databases: Microsoft                  SharePoint, Google Earth spatial analysis software,                  SIPR, and JWICS.
This position requires recurring domestic and                  international travel to include deploying to combat                  zones.
The applicant may be called upon to support 24-hour                  watch operations.

Experience                    and Educational Requirements:


  • Open                    to Male or Female applicants, if all requirements                    are met.
  • Applicants                    must be fully deployable to the required theater of                    operations, wear uniforms, helmets, body armor, and                    be prepared to bear arms as prescribed by the                    supported unit commander (must meet military                    height/weight requirements and be medically fit for                    deployments).
  • Must                    have a current or active TS/SCI security clearance.
  • 10+                    years of military experience
  • 5+                    years of SOF experience in one or more SOF units or                    commands.
  • Possess                    experience at tactical formations – SOTF and higher.
  • Leadership                    position experience and Staff experience.
  • Recent                    SOF combat deployment(s).
  • The                    SOF Operations Integrator should have the ability to                    perform tasks and provide training to support the                    client in the uses and capabilities of the following                    web-based tools and software: Google Earth spatial                    analysis software and Microsoft productivity                    software and applications as needed.
  • The                    SOF Operations Integrator should have familiarity                    with the following methodologies: F3EAD and CARVER.
  • Prior                    experience working directly with IA, IC, or                    coalition partners.


Send                    resumes directly to:            

















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  • Location:
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: No
  • Spouse Friendly: No

To apply to this job, contact .