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Posted by on June 12, 2019

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The Researcher with the qualifications below will support the Center for Advanced Operational Cultural Learning (CAOCL) in Quantico, VA.  CAOCL is the U.S. Marine Corps Center for Excellence for operational culture and language and has established an interdisciplinary research group to broaden the USMC’s capacity to conduct research and provide advice on a range of social science topics including but not limited to cross-cultural competence. The research group conducts translational research, emphasizing collaboration with Marines in research design, execution, and outcomes.  Translational research combines scholarly rigor with the need for results to be timely, relevant, and accessible to Marines.


  • Duties will include on the impact of culture training and educational efforts in terms of theories of how, when, and why to assess such programs, best methodological practices given those theories, and presentation of alternative approaches to CAOCL leadership that are sensitive to the culture of the Marine Corps and fit within operational demands.
  • Duties also include producing both applied and scholarly materials, conducting outreach within and beyond DoD, supporting CAOCL’s training, education, and operational support missions, and participating in the planning, running, and content of conferences and meetings.
  • Research group personnel must be able to present to diverse audiences, including, but not limited to Marines of all ranks, senior government leaders, scholarly audiences and international partners.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • PhD (with dissertation) from an accredited program in one of the following fields: Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Geography, Sociology, Social Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology or Development Studies. PhD is waiverable with commensurate experience.
  • Track record of publication in peer-reviewed journals or presses.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A strong track record of research competence, including extended field research, in the specified region in at least one of the following topics:
    • Corruption and/or cultural aspects of exchange/economies.
    • Cultural aspects of conflict, warfare, the military, and/or conflict resolution
    • Development trends and issues
    • Diasporic issues
    • Emerging religious trends
    • Law and concepts of justice
    • Linguistics
    • Local impacts of globalization
    • Migration
    • Rural issues, especially security implications of trends
    • Security cooperation
    • Social movements or revitalization movements
    • Social networks
    • Transnational threats
    • Transnational or sub national groups and networks
    • Urbanization – impact on demographic and socio-cultural patters, security implications
    • Water and other environmental issues
    • Demonstrated competence in one or more of the languages of the region.
    • Demonstrated teaching excellence.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Ability to meet deadlines and adjust work plans to support CAOCL’s response to USMC requirements.
    • Ability to travel.


  • Research group personnel must be capable of close collaboration with Marines, other practitioners, and an interdisciplinary team. Candidates who have worked in inter-disciplinary or practitioner-focused settings are strongly preferred as are candidates with direct experience in assessing training and education efforts.
  •  Research group personnel must be able to translate the theories of their disciplines into practical solutions for the complex cultural challenges facing Marines today and in the future.  Candidates who have conducted applied work in their field of study are strongly preferred.
  •  Research group personnel are expected to maintain and build ties to their scholarly community, as well as within government. Candidates whose activities, such as conference presentations, service in professional Organizations, or collaborative projects, indicate active networks of colleagues are strongly preferred.
  •  Research group personnel work in a multi-cultural environment and build materials to assist Marines with cross-cultural interactions. Candidates who have significant experience living and working with other culture groups, through extended fieldwork, volunteering, or employment, are strongly preferred.


  • Required to sit for extended periods of time and maintain focus


  • Ability to obtain or have a security clearance


  • Location:
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: Yes
  • Spouse Friendly: No

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