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Program Security Officer – Journeyman (Huntsville AL)(TS/SCI SAP req; d) – POC in Listing

Posted by on July 17, 2017

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Dependable Global Solutions (DGS), a Security and          Intelligence Firm, is seeking a full-time Program Security          Officer in support of our MDA client in Huntsville, AL.           Position description as follows:

Provide              all facets of program security management in support of              SAP initiatives, to              include personnel, physical, information, industrial, and              SCI security.  Provide              SAP security administration and              management to program elements.  Conduct              security oversight inspections.  Ensure              facility compliance with all policies and directives.  Provide guidance and oversight to defense              contractors.  Develop              security plans and              procedures for safeguarding classified information.  Present indoctrination, debrief, and              refresher              training for program briefed personnel regarding              obligations to protest              classified information. Ensure adequate secure storage and              work spaces for              customers, conduct annual inventory of accountable              classified material.  Maintain              SAPF/SCIF.  Attend              program meetings as security              representative.  Provide              security support              at program working groups/conferences.                Prepare CUAs, MOUs,              and MOAs for resident non-MDA SAPs for review and              approval,              develop and maintain SAP documentation.                Prepare and submit              SOP, monitor security incidents.  Maintain SOP facility and personnel              folders.  Maintain              TSCO log book.  Implement              all applicable requirements to maintain              Facility IDS.  Coordinate              tests,              inspections, repairs of program facilities.                Identify and              requisition equipment and supply needs.  Escort non-cleared personnel.  Maintain all required facility paperwork              and              accreditations.  Inspect              and comment on              build projects to ensure DoD, JAFAN and DCID requirements              are being met.  Ensure              proper handling of classified materials.  Account for all TS Material.  Inventory and label all existing media              within              facility.  Ensure              proper marking of              classified materials.  Prepare              documents              for receiving packaging, shipping and secure              transmissions.  Prepare              and brief couriers on responsibilities.  Maintenance of DOD required office files,              to              include destruction program materials, secure fax              operations, SAP courier              duties.  Perform              Program Indoctrinations              and debriefings.  Review              submitted PARs              and SAPNP questionnaires.  Verify              program              Access Rosters.  Transmit              accomplished              PIAs and PARs.  Document              receipt/dispatch, assists in SCI pre-briefings,              indoctrinations, and debriefs              as required.  Manage              the Security              Awareness and Education program, reviews inspection              results to correlate              training products and priorities.                Control visitor              ingress/egress, answer phones, escort visitors and              interface with senior level government and corporate              officials and their              staffs.  Verify              visitor clearances.  Coordinate              conference room meetings.  Brief              visitors to security requirements of              facility.  Perform              general clerical              duties as required.  Complete              required              training.  Must              be knowledgeable of OPSEC              principals, policies, vulnerability assessments and              countermeasure development.              CONUS and OCONUS travel may be required.            

Position                Requirements:

Capable              of development and implementing a multi-disciplined              security program for              complex, major acquisition Special Access Programs (SAPs).  Knowledgeable of OPSEC, personnel,              industrial, physical, IT/IA, information security              principles JAFAN 6/0 and              JAFAN 6/9, and ICD 705 Series. Has 3-10 years of              experience as a Program              Security Officer (PSO) with at least 3 cumulative years in              acquisition              SAPs.                . Strong writing              ability.  BS/BA              in related field or a combination of              lower-level education, formal training and experience              beyond the basic              Journeyman baseline.  Security              clearance:  Top              Secret with current              access to SCI or have been debriefed from SCI within the              past 2 years.


Contact, and/or send resume to              undersigned if interested in applying.


Matt Giese

Dependable Global Solutions                                  (DGS) D:                           703-772-4358  |                          F:  888-347-6119 |                          E:


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