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Partner Nation Forces (PNF) Role Player – Camp Shelby, MS – POC in Listing

Posted by on October 12, 2017

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Immediate Opening for


Position: Role Player: Partner Nation          Forces (PNF) Role Player


Location: Camp Shelby, MS Area


Dates: 10/15/17 – 11/03/17


Job Description:

Partner Nation (PN) Foreign Internal          Defense (FID) Role Players; candidates will replicate foreign          infantry/paramilitary forces ISO United States Special          Operation Forces (USSOF) Mission Rehearsal Exercise  (MRX).



Candidates must meet the following          criteria:


-Prior active duty combat arms, or law          enforcement


-Familiar with the operation of AK-47          weapon system


-Physically able and willing to operate in          austere rural and/or urban environments under various weather          conditions


-Understand basic military tactics and take          instruction from active duty military personnel


-Trained in basic small unit          infantry tactics and formations.


-Trained in mounting and          dismounting tactical vehicles.


-Trained in tactical fire          and maneuver.


-Understanding of amphibious          operations.


-Trained in rotary wing          operations.


-Trained in basic military          operations in urban terrain/ close quarter battle building          entries.


Additional Information:

-Equipment: Role-player will provide their          own military type footwear, a black/green/tan, small to medium          sized pack or rucksack, and canteens or Nalgene bottles. All          other equipment will be provided as required for the success          of the MRX.


-Lodging may be hard stand barracks or          military Tent


-per diem on travel days only


-Military rations will be provided during          the exercise


-Transportation to/from training area will          be reimbursed at the economy class rate only.




Hal              McCarthy


Office            Phone: 813-489-5137

Mobile:            352-650-2486

Fax:            813-207-5001

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  • Location:
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: No
  • Spouse Friendly: No

To apply to this job, contact .