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NECC/NSW – Combat Skills Instructors (Gulfport, MS) (S clearance) – POC in Listing

Posted by on December 6, 2017

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Job Summary:

Cubic | NEK Services Inc., is currently          accepting resumes for Instructors of various yet specialized          skills, expertise and backgrounds to support and provide          instruction to individuals attached to units within the Navy          Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) and Naval Special Warfare          (NSW) organizations. The successful candidates shall be fully          qualified and certified instructors who have demonstrated          experience in an expeditionary warfare operational          environment, weapons training and/or medical support          experience. This is a pre-award effort and positions will be          contingent upon contract award.


Essential Job                Duties and Responsibilities for All Instructors:

  • All instructors will be              required to undergo continuous and varied additional              training throughout their tenure including, but not              limited to; Information Assurance (IA) training,              Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting (CIAR)              training, Sexual Abuse Prevention, Sexual Harassment,              Equal Opportunity, Personal Privacy, Safety, etc. in              addition to the regular Instructor Evaluation and              Certification and/or Re-Certification training to keep              current in the field of expertise and all Course Unique              Instructor Training (CUIT) certification/s.
  • Instructor personnel shall              exhibit proper behavior both inside and outside the              learning environment.
  • Provide mindful instruction              and mentorship to students in the appropriate area of              expertise.
  • Exhibit professional manner              and familiarity with all presentation, delivery method,              testing and remediation procedures, curriculum, training              aids, devices, electronic podiums, and equipment operation              and maintenance procedures associated with the course or              section of the course they will instruct.
  • Maintain awareness and manage              content of personal Instructor Training Jackets (ITJ).
  • Remain cognizant and              compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations              regarding firearms, explosives, and high capacity              magazines.
  • Operate and abide by all              regulations and guidelines regarding use of Government              owned or leased vehicles, as well as all state and local              motor vehicle laws.
  • Some Instructors must be              certified to operate commercial 44- and/or 36-passenger              buses.
  • Vehicle operators are              responsible for making daily operational checks, vehicle              log entries and maintaining general cleanliness of              vehicles they operate.
  • Other tasks, as necessary,              assigned by the client or supervisor.
  • Insure protocols for              safeguarding classified information and classified              materials are met; performing classified document control              functions, classified materials inventories, program              access requests, and maintaining and using              security-related databases, as necessary.
  • Provide a monthly situational              reports to immediate supervisor.

Requirements/Skills/Qualifications                for All Instructors:

  • Instructor cadre(s) shall              possess a minimum of two (2) years documented tactical              military operational experience involving:
    • Basic  Tactical                  Communications
    • Convoy                  Operations – Basic
    • Small Arms
    • Tactical                  Shooting
    • Counter                  Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED)
    • Mission                  Planning
    • Basic Tactical                  Movement
    • Basic CBRNE                  Procedures
    • Tactical                  Decision Making (Shoot/Don’t Shoot)
  • Have knowledge of basic and              advanced training techniques.
  • Have knowledge of computer              technology application as it applies to instructional              presentation and the use of classroom training aids.
  • Have a minimum of 2 years of              experience as an instructor delivering training.
  • Possess above average              communication skills and the ability to comprehend both              verbal and written instructions.
  • Instructors are expected to              maintain the personal standards of technical and              professional levels of competence that are at least equal              to that of the Department of the Navy military personnel              undergoing training. The morale and motivation of student              and instructional personnel shall be maintained at a              maximum level to ensure a favorable environment for              learning.
  • Have attended the Navy              Instructor Training Course (NITC) (A-012-0077) (or              military service equivalent).
  • Proven academic credentialing              (teacher/professor).
  • Instructor training via an              academic institution.  Academic ITC requirements should              contain at a minimum, these Learning Objectives:
    • Effective                  communication and questioning techniques
    • Adult learning                  theory and principles
    • Instructional                  Delivery methods
    • Lesson delivery                  performance laboratory
    • Training                  environment management
    • Inter-personal                  skills
    • Evaluation and                  Feedback
      • Currently,                        only Tidewater Community College course MILT                        5100 meets the requirements listed above, as it                        has been the only course submitted for                        evaluation.  The contractor may submit other                        courses via the appropriate learning institution                        for consideration.
  • Instructors shall adhere to a              strict dress code and grooming standards.
  • Must possess and maintain an              active DoD Top Secret Clearance.
  • All applicants will be              subject to an additional background investigation and will              need to provide Applicant Fingerprint cards.
  • Must be able to obtain and              maintain CAC card access to required materials and              property.
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • Must have a current Passport.
  • Must possess a current              Driver’s License.
  • Must complete a psychological              evaluation, as well as medical and drug screenings.
  • Complete a Basic First Aid              Certification.
  • Complete a Cardio-Pulmonary              Resuscitation (CPR) Certification.
  • Complete Bloodborne Pathogen              Training.
  • Be able to communicate              clearly and effectively with others, both verbally and in              writing.
  • Be able to work in an              environment that is fast-paced, completing multiple tasks              and meeting very stringent timelines and specific              deliverables.
  • Must be willing to travel              CONUS and OCONUS, as necessary and directed by the client              or supervisor based on contractual needs.
  • Each instructor must be              willing and able to perform in a variety of environmental              conditions including:  indoor; outdoor; cold; heat; rain;              snow; and, if necessary, extreme inclement weather.
    • Physical                  Requirements: standing, kneeling and prone positions,                  ascend or descend ladders and go through narrow                  passageways, etc.
    • Instructors                  need to be free of any abnormal fear of heights.


Requirements/Skills/Qualifications                for Specific Instructors:


ECS Medical                Support Instructors:

  • This classroom instruction              involves delivery of formal course curriculum in the areas              of Basic First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR),              and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), and when              appropriate, will provide certification of other              personnel.  ECS Medical support Instructors shall provide              for daily set-up and maintenance of all provided medical              training aides utilized in ECS training.
    • In addition to                  the basic instructor requirements, the Medical Support                  Instructors shall have at least two (2) years of                  experience in providing military first aid or                  emergency room / trauma center care.
    • Two (2) of                    the ECS Medical Support Instructors shall also have and                  maintain current Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)                  certification in accordance with the latest                  Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) standards.
    • Five (5) of                    the ECS Medical Support Instructors shall also have 2 years                  of experience in conducting land navigation.


Weapons Based                Course Instructors:

  • These instructors will              deliver a wide variety of training topics, as well as              providing instructional and safety support for live-fire              weapons training. In addition to the aforementioned basic              instructor requirements;
    • All                    weapons-based Instructors shall have a minimum of                  2 years’ experience in delivering weapons-based                  courses-of-instruction which include live-fire                  training and possess/be capable of demonstrating                  modern dynamic combat shooting skills.
    • All ECS                    Weapons Based Instructors must be familiar with                  the M9 Service Pistol and M4 Carbine and capable of                  achieving and maintaining a “Sharpshooter”                   qualification score with assigned weapon(s) during                  their initial and all qualifications throughout the                  duration of the contract.                 Documentation of this                  qualification shall be maintained in the Instructor’s                  Training Jacket (ITJ). Preference will be given to                  candidates who already have a “Sharpshooter”                   Qualification.
  • Small Arms                Weapons Instructor:
    • All Weapons                    Based Instructorpersonnel shall have                  completed all the Personnel Qualification Standard                  (PQS) including one or more of the small arms                  instructor courses listed below, for the weapons they                  instruct (Small Arms Training and Qualification):
      • NEC 0812
      • NEC 0814
      • NEC 8210
      • MOS                      8531/8532 or equivalent DoD/Federal law agency                      course/s
    • All                    Instructors must provide proof that                  they have completed the required courses, as well as                  ongoing maintenance of, as necessary, all                  certifications and qualifications. All appropriate                  documentation will be filed in the ITJ.
      • Instructors                      shall re-qualify every 180 days in the courses of                      fire and weapons they instruct. The requirements                      are stringent and must be met.
    • Within 90 days                  of hire,                   all assigned weapons-based Instructors are                  required to complete the applicable PQS for Line Coach                  (Small Arms).
      • Range                        Safety Officers (RSO’s) must have                      all qualifications mentioned above but will not                      perform other instructor or line coach functions.                      
      • CBRNE                        Topic Instructors                       must have                      all qualifications mentioned above, plus                      demonstrated and extensive knowledge of emerging                      CBRNE facts, usage, TTP’s, etc.
      • C-IED                        Topic Instructors                       must have                      all qualifications mentioned above, plus                      demonstrated and extensive knowledge of emerging                      C-IED facts, usage, TTP’s, etc.
      • Communications                        and Convoy Topics Instructors                       must have                      all qualifications mentioned above, plus                      demonstrated and extensive knowledge of emerging                      Basic Tactical Communications and Convoy facts,                      usage, TTP’s, etc.
      • JET Topic                        Instructors must have                      all qualifications mentioned above, plus                      demonstrated and extensive knowledge of emerging                      JET facts, usage, TTP’s, etc.



LOCATION:           Gulfport,              MS            


Cubic | NEK has built a            reputation for attracting and retaining a motivated team of            skilled professionals who are up to the challenge and            dedicated to the mission. Cubic | NEK offers unique career            opportunities in an exceptional work environment. Joining            Cubic | NEK’s highly experienced professionals will give you            the opportunity to grow, innovate and contribute to a world            class team that ensures the highest level of satisfaction to            our customers’ unique requirements.


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