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Media/Cellular Exploitation Instructor – POC in Listing

Posted by on March 8, 2018

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Job Posting for Media/Cellular Exploitation Instructor


Palmetto Partners, LLC. —-

Palmetto              Partners, LLC is seeking a highly specialized Media/Cell              Phone Exploitation Instructor (SME). The qualified              candidate will provide comprehensive media and cell phone              exploitation subject matter expertise, training and              evaluation mechanisms to synchronize and integrate current              and emerging Exploitation Tactics, Techniques and              Procedures (TTPs) that directly support current and future              Special Operations and Intelligence requirements. The              Media Exploitation instructor will work in support of              unique asymmetric operations intended for Special              Operations, Counter Intelligence (CI), Human Intelligence              (HUMINT) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), as well as with              other personnel conducting counterterrorism operations,              and force protection activities.
Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities :               Use techniques to locate, identify and safeguard potential              sources of digital evidence.                Conduct searches, documenting and preserving digital media              in accordance with accepted standards.                Present the results of digital examinations orally as well              as in written form.                Prepare lesson plans, training objectives and testing in a              classroom setting.                Prepare reports for the results of digital media              examinations.                Use computer hardware and the hardware devices used for              forensic purposes.                Maintain knowledge of current U.S. Federal and State laws              pertaining to the recovery of digital evidence.                Use classroom media and devices, including PowerPoint,              digital projectors, etc.                Provide one-on-one guidance to students attending this              course.                Provide experience and insight to emerging TTP’s and              Digital Forensics technologies to military operations              personnel.                Participate in identifying and recommending methods and              procedures for exploitation operations, intelligence              preservation, recovery, storage and presentation.                Develop training materials and conduct training classes in              support of tailored client requirements.                May be required to perform moderate lifting (up to 50 lbs)              and or prolonged periods of physical exertion (8 – 12              hours) , as required , to run range scenarios.                Work in an outdoor environment exposed to the elements for              prolonged periods of time (8 – 12 hours).                Travel as required by the company and/or the customer,              sometimes on short notice, for up to three weeks at a              time.                Other duties as directed or assigned.
Minimum Job Requirements :               Minimum of ten years of experience in one of the following              forensic packages: EnCase Forensics Software, EnCase              Portable, Access Data’s Forensic s Tool Kit (FTK), or              ProDiscover; open source software such as Knoppix, Paladin              or Imager Lite; the techniques used to locate, identify              and safeguard potential sources of digital media evidence;              conducting searches, documenting and preserving digital              media in accordance with accepted standards; preparing              reports and presenting the results of digital media              examinations orally , as well as in written form; using              computer hardware and the hardware devices specified for              forensic purposes; and conducting media exploitation and              recovery of digital evidence in accordance with U.S.              Federal and State laws.                Minimum of six years of experience exploiting satellite,              Code Division Multiple Access (CDM A) and Global System              for Mobile Communication (GSM) technologies.                Minimum of three years of experience in exploiting Chinese              cell phone technologies.                Demonstrated experience in DOCEX, MEDEX and CELLEX              methodologies and processes.                Strong research and analytical skills.                Exceptional interpersonal , written and verbal              communication, must be able to speak to large or small              audiences, speak clearly to instruct, and evaluate and              counsel students in the subtle and difficult concepts of              the subject matter.                Able to review, refine, update and comment on lesson              plans, write personal lesson outlines in support of              existing Programs of Instruction and lesson plans and              develop realistic training scenarios to replicate              real-world operations.                Create training materials (e.g. – handouts, PowerPoint              slides, outlines, study sheets, etc.) in support of lesson              plans and Programs of Instruction , as needed.                Ability to work independently and collaboratively in an              extremely fast-paced asymmetric environment with rapidly              changing work assignments and priorities.                Able to travel worldwide in support of SOFSE training, if              required.                Mus t be a United States Citizen                Must possess a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance              and passport.                Selected applicant will must be able to obtain a Top              Secret Clearance for access to classified information.
Preferred Job Qualification s:              Battlefield experience and broad, credible capability with              Sensitive Site Exploitation, Tactical and full spectrum              exploitation activities, is highly desirable.                Knowledge of various forensic intelligence areas              (Biometrics, Latent Prints, Biology, Chemistry, etc.)              preferred .                Expertise with h andsets using all carrier technologies              including CDMA, GSM, IDEN, TDMA and EDGE .                Strong k nowledge and familiarity with phones from all m              ajor wireless service providers.                Former experience or awareness of Law Enforcement media              and cell phone exploitation and forensic TTPs is              desirable.                Familiarity and skill with any or all of the following              forensic software toolkits is a plus: ADF Triage-Examiner,              P2 Commander, Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction              Device (UFED), MicroSystemation XRY, SecureView, X-Ways              Forensics, WINHEX, HEXEDIT, HashCalc, StegDetect/X-Steg,              Hardware/Software Write Blockers (Tableau, Single/Dual Bay              Analysis System, FastBloc, USB Lock, etc), Faraday              Boxes/Bags, ImageMaster III, DeviceSeizure, Forensic              Recovery of Evidence Device (FRED), RAID et c.

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