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Ledaership Screening Service – POC in Listing

Posted by on December 5, 2017

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Ceveal Solutions is a new leadership screening service whose mission is to identify the right mid-to-high level leader for our clients, and in turn, minimize our client’s mis-hire rates and associated costs. While our approach and usage are novel and innovative to industry, to Marines, it is somewhat nostalgic. Our Immersive AssessmentSM service captures the essence of the Reaction Course utilized during the Marine Corps’ Officer Candidate School. We create a customized, on-site or off-site, course equivalent. Clients will observe and/or participate in the screening and assessing of candidates competing for critical leadership positions.


Capitalizing on the Marine Corps’ proven leadership ascension philosophy, Ceveal Solutions will design, with direct input from our client, a series of industry-specific and position-specific scenarios for each candidate. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to lead their staff or team, solving real-world problems, from client’s experience. Our client’s designated superior, subordinate and peer evaluations are a weighted and graded computation of each candidate’s performance. Sound familiar?


Don’t have candidates simply tell you what they did in their last job. Have them show you how they will do in their next position! The decision of whom to hire (or not) becomes obvious. To learn more about why we are The Immersive ExpertsSM and how we can help you, check us out at or contact me.


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Mark Coast

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The Immersive ExpertsSM


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