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Irregular Warfare Analyst – JIDA 4 (Reston, Virginia/Afghanistan) (TS/SCI Required) – POC in Listing

Posted by on October 12, 2017

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PLEASE              VISIT THE FOLLOWING LINK TO FORMALLY APPLY >>>              CLICK HERE>>                            Irregular Warfare Analyst or              via the following URL if the Hyperlink is Not Accessible

The            Celestar Corporation has an IMMEDIATE NEED to            identify multiple Irregular Warfare Analysts (IWA).            Please review the position description below. If interested            and qualified, we welcome you to apply for this challenging            opportunity.

PRIMARY              CONUS LOCATION:            Northern Virginia START DATE: Upon Successfully Completing an in-depth            Qualification Process, Government Approval and Acceptance!

CLEARANCE/ACCESS:            Active Top Secret Level Clearance with SCI Access;            Clearance, Access and Investigation must appear in JPAS and            be within scope (5 – Years)


  • Serve              on a unique, multi-discipline team assisting DoD military              entities operate in an improvised threat environment.
  • Work              as a member of an integrated contract and government team              to conduct all source intelligence research and analyze,              compile, evaluate, and integrate all-source intelligence              information into a variety of intelligence products on              insurgencies worldwide.
  • Support              comprehension of how irregular warfare threats are              organized, manned, equipped, and sustained and provide              intelligence support to policy makers, planners, and              operational forces engaged against these threats.
  • Analyze              insurgent political and military organization, military              capabilities, and combat tactics, techniques, and              procedures, recruitment, training, and sustainment,              population influence and control methodologies, material              procurement, development, and proliferation, transregional              logistics, and financing.
  • Demonstrate              analytic expertise to make recommendations for future              products anticipates customer intelligence needs through              the proactive identification of intelligence gaps and              explores anomalies, new developments, and trends that              could potentially impact and /or threaten client              operational capabilities or intelligence requirements.
  • Facilitate              all-source analysis relating to complex strategic              assignments driven by client priorities.
  • Utilize              appropriate analytic tradecraft to yield judgments and              assessments that offer value-added insights that extend              beyond the most obvious connections.
  • Identify              intelligence gaps, evaluate information, conduct analysis,              and produce intelligence products.


  • Bachelor              Degree and three (3) to five (5) years of related              experience or eleven (11) years of related experience
  • Flexibility              to support 24-hour watch operations.
  • Documented              experience working with multidiscipline              Operations/Intelligence teams and familiarity with other              elements of the DoD, the interagency and coalition              partners.
  • Must              be willing to engage in periodic travel within CONUS and              Six (6) Month Deployments to OCONUS locations to include              deploying to combat zones.
  • Must              be Medically Qualified and Deployable to the required              theater of operations.
  • Must              have experience in utilizing the CALEB or Irregular              Warfare Analysis methodology.
  • Active              Top Secret Level Clearance with SCI Access; Clearance,              Access and Investigation must appear in JPAS and be within              scope (5 – Years)
  • Must              possess a Valid US Passport that will Not Expire while in              a Deployed Status

HIGHLY              DESIRED

  • Masters              Degree
  • Post              9/11 experience conducting deployed intelligence analysis.
  • Two              (2) years of experience providing direct support to              Special Operations Forces (SOF) units.
  • Ten              (10) years of relevant intelligence experience with either              the U.S. Military or other Federal Government agencies to              demonstrate the ability to meet the duties described              above.
  • Experience              providing direct deployed support to National SOF              elements.
  • Ability              to perform tasks and provide training to support the              client in the uses and capabilities of the following              web-based intelligence tools, software, and databases:              Multimedia Message Manager (M3), Tripwire Analytic              Capability (TAC), NCTC Online, Terrorism Identities              Datamart Environment (TIDE), ICReach SIGINT database,              Cultweave SIGINT database, PROTON SIGINT database, Skope              SIGINT analytical toolkit, Analyst Notebook /Palantir link              analysis software, ArcGIS spatial analysis software,              Google Earth spatial analysis software, and Microsoft              productivity software and applications as needed.
  • Familiarity              with the following methodologies: F3EAD, CALEB/IWA, Social              Network Analysis and CARVER.

IMPORTANT              NOTE:            This is a Best Athlete Selection Process! Please ensure that            the required and/or desired experience is reflected on              your resume to receive fair and competitive            consideration.

Come              onboard with a company that Values its Employees!             Celestar, a Veteran Owned Company, is Very Competitive with            Salaries and Benefits. As an example, we offer Company Paid            Benefits that include Employee and Family Dental Insurance,            Employee Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Short Term            Disability Insurance. We also offer a 401k retirement            company match, paid Holidays and Personal Time Off!

Very              Best,


JAMES              L. COLEMAN

US            Marine Corps Retired – MSgt

Corporate              Recruiter

Celestar              Corporation

9501            East U.S. Highway 92

Tampa, FL. 33610

(O) 813-627-9069 Ext: 255


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  • Location:
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: No
  • Spouse Friendly: No

To apply to this job, contact .