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Intel Collection and Requirement Management Advisor (Afghanistan)(S) – POC in Listing

Posted by on July 17, 2017

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                                                           CCIRM Advisor 
          The personnel of the DCOM-A G2 Intelligence Training and          Advisory Group (INTAG) are responsible for training,          assisting, and advising the Assistant Ministry of Defense          Intelligence (AMoD-I), General Staff Intelligence (GSG2)          Staff, National Military Intelligence Center (NMIC), and          elements of the National           Military Command Center (NMCC) in intelligence operations,          policy, doctrine, planning, programming, management, staff          supervision, process and intelligence oversight in support.
          Responsibilities and Deliverables:           A) Train, advise, assist the Deputy G2, division personnel and          other Afghan GsG2 and AmoD-I organizations as appropriate on          the following strategic echelon tasks:           a) Source operations and reporting functions           b) Identification of systemic problems, development and          implementation of HUMINT policy and doctrinal solutions.           c) Accomplishment of the interrelated steps of source          operations handling.           d) Conducting source operations independently.           e) Reporting collection information using secure          communications or the approved communications means available.           f) Submit ANA required reports through established channels          and in approved formats.           g) Assisting in the validation and updating of HUMINT Course          of Instruction at the ITC, and other courses where necessary.           B) In conjunction with CI Directorate and MNIC CCIRM section,          assisting MI Regional Offices (MIROs) to focus training on          military HUMINT operations with specific emphasis on          development of the following:           a) Source operations to include source placement, access and          collection strategies based upon analysis of requirements.
b) Coordinate          with the MIRO CI officers to de-conflict CI and HUMINT          requirements, sources and collections strategies.           c) Mission management of all subordinate MI Provincial Offices          (MIPOs).           d) Analysis and quality control of HUMINT reporting from          subordinate MIPOs.           e) Preparation and submission of HUMINT reporting to the          Combined Collection and Reporting Center (CCRCC) In          conjunction with relevant elements of the GSG2 and AMOD-I,          ensure the effectiveness and accountability of the          Intelligence Operations Funds (IOF) Process.           D) Assist in the strategic intelligence fusion of          multi-echelon collection activities, reporting and          dissemination process.
          Minimum Qualifications:           A) Candidate must hold a current SECRET Level Security          Clearance (Previously granted and never revoked or suspended).          If chosen, Candidate must remain armed in accordance with New          Century Policies throughout the duration of employment in          country.           B) Recent strategic or operational experience in MoD or Afghan          General Staff environments, strategic intelligence agencies,          inter-agency strategic operations preferably in Afghanistan or          Iraq training international forces, as a Senior Level          Government, Military Officer, Senior NCO or contractor          assigned to like positions.           C) Experience in one of the following disciplines/duties:          HUMINT/CI, Targets, Imagery/Terrain, Collections, Requests for          Information Management, SIGINT, GEOINT, OSINT, Targeting,          Intelligence Analyst/Watch Officer, Communications          (Intelligence Systems and Technical           Support), CCIRM, Analysis and Production, multi-echelon          intelligence fusion, intelligence business operations,          individual agency/directorate functions, building intelligence          institutions and Program Management.           D) Practical Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.           E) Experience in professional development & training and          working with Middle Eastern or Central Asian cultures is          desired           F) Advisors will immediately report any Force Protection          threat indicators to USG.           G) Division-level G2X or service equivalent experience as          CI/HUMINT warrant officer is required.           H) Candidate must meet all physical, medical and other          requirements for overseas deployment in           accordance with current DoD regulations. Candidate must          possess a fitness level appropriate to performing work in a          field environment and current medical exam completed within          the past 12 months. Candidate must have been tested and          present proof of a negative HIV test result performed within          six months of deployment. Dental and medical readiness must be          up to date           and candidate must maintain a current US Passport.
About the          Company:           New Century is a leading global provider of police and          military intelligence capacity building services.  We work for          the U.S. government to train and mentor foreign security          forces that are supporting U.S. military and foreign policy          objectives. These services include development of doctrine,          skills transfer           (mentoring, advising, training), institutional          capacity-building, and other tailored security solutions. New          Century focuses on building capacity on the local national          level. New Century corporately is composed of a New Century          Consulting, Ltd, the UK parent company based in London, and          New Century US (NCC, Inc.), based in Washington DC.
          If interested, please apply via our website under the careers          section at  You can          also send your resume to me at


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To apply to this job, contact .