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Immediate fill opportunity: Deputy Clean Up Director at DOE-Environmental Management’s Moab UMTRA Project – POC in Listing

Posted by on December 4, 2017

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POC: Kash Grimes – – 513-246-1050
I have an immediate requirement for a Deputy Clean Up Director at DOE-Environmental Management’s Moab UMTRA Project (Duty station in Moab, Utah).   We are rewriting the PD a bit before it hits the street but wanted to give you an opportunity to publicize it on the Net.  I think it’s tailor made for a senior enlisted retiree or mid-level officer who is looking to do something different in a neat location.  If they are 30% disabled we can do a direct hire.  Otherwise it will hit the street soon and they can open apply as we intend to go all US citizens on this one.  Let me know if you need anything else or have any questions.  The particulars are as follows:
The Deputy Clean Up Director assists the Clean Up Director in all phases of UMTRA technical oversight, direction, and safe operations, and serves as the primary point of contact with the EM Consolidated Business Center (CBC) and Moab PM for all activities associated with assigned projects. This position provides a dedicated EM Federal presence at small sites. The Deputy assists the Federal Clean Up Director and serves as the agent of Assistant Secretary for EM and the Acquisition Executive to ensure overall success of the project.
While the job announcement will read “Physical Scientist/General Engineer (GS-14 0801/1301) and is designated as a “technical position”, it is, at its core, a leadership position.
The position is responsible for performing technical functions that are critical to ensure EM is compliant with environmental regulations, which is essential to the overall site operations. This requires the applicant have, or acquire, and demonstrate basic technical competencies in the areas of Project Management, Earned Value Management Systems, Managing Contract Changes, Contracting Officer Representative responsibilities, Planning for Safety in Project Management, Acquisition Management for Technical Personnel, and Project Risk Analysis and Management
The mission of the Office of Environmental Management (EM) is the accelerated risk reduction and cleanup of the environmental legacy of the nation’s nuclear weapons program and government­ sponsored nuclear energy research. The program is one of the largest, diverse, and technically complex environmental cleanup programs in the world and includes responsibility for the cleanup of 114 sites across the country.
EM’s mission has been transformed from a program that indefinitely managed risk associated with the Nation’s weapons production program to a well-defined project that accelerates risk reduction with clear cost, scope, schedules and project controls as the program transitioned to cleaning up the legacy of the weapons program.
Develops and implements auxiliary plans as needed for the excavation, transport, and disposal of contaminated materials. Develops and implements a plan for the close out and transition of the site once remedial action is completed, including the Long-Term Surveillance Plan. Serves as the assistant focal point between Federal and contractor staff. Develops and implements plans to ensure the project is operated safely within all established occupational safety thresholds and guidelines, and within established cost and schedule thresholds.
Assists in updating project requirements and associated technical scope, including the safe and efficient transport of contaminated materials to the Crescent Junction disposal site.
Provides supplemental and/or clarifying policy guidance and direction when a gap exists. Assists in identifying functional area expertise and subject matter expertise as needed to fully staff the Integrated Project Team.
Assists the Director and coordinates with the Technical Assistance Contractor (TAC) and Remedial Action Contractor (RAC) Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) in developing and maintaining an integrated schedule including actions and tasks required of the government, regulatory, and oversight agencies, and stakeholder organizations. Assists the FPD in managing project uncertainty through risk identification and mitigation and contingency planning.
Maintains accountability to Director for maintaining the configuration and integrity of the project. Report variances against the project’s baseline, make projections of progress, and identify the root cause of unfavorable performance trends.
Establishes relationships and interfaces with other Program Secretarial Offices, regulatory and oversight agencies, and stakeholder groups as needed to support the project.
Kash Grimes
Deputy Director, EMCBC

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