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Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)Technical Advisor(Afghanistan)(S clearance) – POC in Listing

Posted by on December 6, 2017

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National Military Intelligence Center                  Geospatial Intelligence Technical Advisor




The personnel of the DCOM-A G2                Intelligence Training and Advisory Group (INTAG) are                responsible for developing, enabling and advising the                Assistant Ministry of Defense Intelligence (AMoD-I),                General Staff Intelligence (GSG2) Staff, National                Military Intelligence Center (NMIC), and elements of the                National Military Command Center (NMCC) in intelligence                operations, policy, doctrine, planning, programming,                management, staff supervision, process and intelligence                oversight in support. All contract INTAG personnel will                maintain a deliberate focus on Intelligence Institution                Building and Critical Functions using DOTMLPF and                associated methodologies or an alternative provided by                the military or government contract leads. 


Responsibilities                  and Deliverables:


A)     Train, advise and assist                the National Military Intelligence Center (NMIC)                Geospatial-Intelligence (GEOINT)                Department Chief and staff analysts. Responsible for the                integration of GEOINT                Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB),                Common Operating Picture, Human Geography and Geospatial                Data Management within the NMIC GEOINT                staff.

B)     Train, Advise and Assist                NMIC GEOINT                Analysts:

1.      With thedevelopmentofthe NMIC GEOINT                Analysts in GEOINT                IPB

2.      To define the environment                by gathering basic facts needed to outline the exact                location of the mission or area of interest (AoI).

3.      To graphically display                physical, political, and ethnic boundaries.

4.      To describe influences of                the environment by providing descriptive information                about the area defined in Mission AoI.

5.      To identify existing                natural conditions, infrastructure, and cultural                factors.

6.      To consider all details                that may affect a potential operation in the area:                weather, vegetation, roads, facilities, population,                languages, social, ethnic, religious, and political                factors.

7.      To layer this information                onto the foundation developed in GEOINT                IPB using FalconView, Google Earth, PiX Today Mapping                Applications, or other geographic information tools.

8.      To assess threats and                hazards drawn from multiple intelligence disciplines,                onto foundation and descriptive information layers using                FalconView, PiXToday mapping applications or other                available geographic tool.

9.      To include information                that includes order-of-battle; size and strength of                enemy or threat; enemy doctrine; the nature, strength,                capabilities and intent of area insurgent groups;                effects of possible chemical/biological threats.

10.   With collaborating with                other NMIC counterparts and other Afghan National                Security agencies.

11.   To develop analytic                conclusions and integrate all information from GEOINT                IPB Processes to develop analytic conclusions and                predictive analysis.

12.   In basics of human                geography techniques:  monitor their area of                responsibility, gather and evaluate human geographic                data to build geospatial data layers that serve as a                foundation for analytic work.

13.   To discover relationships                and trends, anticipate behaviors, and communicate these                results through multi-source geospatial-intelligence                products.

14.   In creating Common                Operating Picture (COP) displays and/or products using                FalconView, PiX Today mapping tools or other geographic                information tool.

15.   In developing GEOINT                product templates for the NMIC. 

16.   In use and management of                geospatial data (Raster, Vector and Elevation).

17.   In the use of tabular                data, excel spread sheets to build shapefiles using                Excel2FV in FalconView or other geographic information                tool.

C)     Coordinate with GSG2                Geospatial-Intelligence Directorate (GSG2 GEO DIR)                Advisor to ensure all product templates are added to                NIMS for use throughout the ANDSF.

D)     Assists the GSG2 GEOINT                DIR Advisor in any additional duties that would require                supporting other agencies of the ANDSF.


Minimum                  Qualifications:

A)     RecentstrategicoroperationalexperienceinMoDorAfghanGeneralStaffenvironments,strategicintelligence agencies,inter-agencystrategicoperationspreferablyin AfghanistanorIraqtraininginternationalforces,asa Senior LevelGovernment,MilitaryOfficer,SeniorNCOorcontractorassignedto likepositions.

B)     Experienceinoneofthefollowingdisciplines:Imagery/Terrain, RequestsforInformationManagement,GEOINT,Targeting, IntelligenceAnalyst/WatchOfficer,AnalysisandProduction,multi-echelonintelligencefusion,intelligencebusinessoperations,individualagency/ directoratefunctions,buildingintelligenceinstitutionsandProgramManagement.

C)     Practical knowledge ofMicrosoftOffice                  Suite.

D)    Experienceinprofessionaldevelopment&trainingandworkingwithMiddleEasternor CentralAsian cultures,isdesired.

E)      Candidate must meet all physical,                medical and other requirements for overseas deployment                in accordance with current DoD regulations. Candidate                must possess a fitness level appropriate to performing                work in a field environment and current medical exam                completed within the past 12 months. Candidate must have                been tested and present proof of a negative HIV test                result performed within six months of deployment. Dental                and medical readiness must be up to date and candidate                must maintain a current US Passport.

F)      Candidate must hold a current SECRET Level                Security Clearance (Previously granted and never revoked                or suspended). If chosen, Candidate must remain armed in                accordance with New Century Policies throughout the                duration of employment in country.



About                  the Company:


New Century is a leading global provider of police                and military intelligence capacity building services. We                work for the U.S. government to train and mentor foreign                security forces that are supporting U.S. military and                foreign policy objectives. These services include                development of doctrine, skills transfer (mentoring,                advising, training), institutional capacity-building,                and other tailored security solutions. New Century                focuses on building capacity on the local national                level. New Century corporately is composed of a New                Century Consulting, Ltd, the UK parent company based in London, and New Century US                (NCC, Inc.), based in Washington DC.


If interested, please apply via our                website under the careers section at


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  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: No
  • Spouse Friendly: No

To apply to this job, contact .