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Deployable Virtual Training Environment Simulation (DVTE) Specialist

Posted by on June 12, 2019

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The DVTE Specialist is responsible for the interpretation, design and development of a simulated exercise(s) utilizing the DVTE suite of programs, including replacement programs (e.g. ECOSIM), and the proper federation of those programs with other simulations and the Command and Control (C2) systems. The DVTE Specialist administers first person shooter and 3D high resolution models accurately depicting indigenes populations, culture and political leaders, key leader engagements, insurgents, and all aspects of small unit expeditionary, offensive, defensive, and stability operations. Additionally, the DVTE Specialist advances research and development of model and simulation (M&S) system through iterative and close coordination with Marine Training Simulation Division (MTSD), civilian vendors, adjacent services, and the Joint Forces Command. The DVTE Specialist collect training objectives, scenario scripts, and other exercise information from the MCTOG staff, exercise planners, and simulation members to develop the high resolution simulated vignettes that exercise Regiment, Battalion, Company and Platoon actions, COC processes, and decisions. Accordingly, the DVTE Specialist provides subject matter expertise (SME) in the GENSIM, JSAF, Night Vision Lab, ECO SIM, and emerging high resolution simulations employed by MCTOG.
The DVTE Specialist shall:
  • Provide subject matter expertise for integrating Tactical Decision Making Simulations (TDS’s) and other High Fidelity / Three Dimensional Simulations (HF3D) models and training capabilities into unit and formal school training programs.
  • Operate and provide instruction on various HF3D simulations with respect to maneuver, aviation, fires, logistics, and intelligence operations (This includes language, cultural, and other individual training simulations).
  • Assist and train designated personnel to set up the HF3D simulation suite, develop scenarios, run the OPFOR, and control entities in the virtual environment.
  • Determine which HF3D model, simulation, or software best supports Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s) and training objectives identified by the training audience, and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Conduct pre-event tests and evaluation of supporting databases, and parametric data.
  • Translate (input) real world civilian, law enforcement and emergency response teams, non- combatant, Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), enemy combatants, friendly force structures, and designated exercise terrain into the simulation database to support an exercise or series of training events.
  • Translate military operations orders in simulation databases.
  • Assist in collecting information from HF3D scenarios and training classes for After Action Reviews.
  • Provide feedback to exercise participants on their training and conducts post-event critique and analysis employing various after action review systems.
  • Assist in reviewing classified material and recommend a lesser classification for use in events, models, simulations, demonstrations, reports, and/or briefings.


Civilian Education:
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred; with a major in history, management, military science, political science, or equivalent area.
Military Education:
  • Minimum three years experience in military training and education.
  • Completion of a military level career school preferred, officer or NCO.
Operational Experience:
  • Minimum three years demonstrated knowledge of military doctrine, tactics, and command relationships at the battalion/regiment or MAGTF command level.
  • Minimum five years operational experience in military operations.
  • Direct participation in real world operations desired.
Modeling and Simulation Experience:
  • Minimum experience two years in DOD modeling and simulation events desired.
  • Minimum two years conducting MAGTF exercises or joint/combined exercise analysis efforts desired.


  • Shall possess or be eligible for a security clearance



  • Location: , 29 Palms, CA , United States
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: Yes
  • Spouse Friendly: No

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