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Database Admin/Business Intelligence Analyst (Ft Bragg, NC)(TS/SCI req’d) – POC in Listing

Posted by on July 17, 2017

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Hi,-            I  have an immediate need for a Senior Database            Admin/Business Intelligence Analyst with TS/SCI at Ft Bragg,            NC–Relocation has been approved for this role.  Salary            range is $120-150k plus relocation.


My            name is Richard Rowland and I work for PGTEK (  We            develop geospatial and datacenter applications that provide            our clients the data they need for making operational and            strategic decisions.  We develop innovative            solutions by integrating our source code and intellectual            property with market leading tools and products.  In            addition to our geospatial focused work, PGTEK’s Data Center            Solutions Group develops, supports and implements complex IT            solutions for our clients and partners throughout the United            States in both the public and private sector.  Our partners            include some of the world’s most successful and well known            technology companies, such as Hitachi Data Systems, EMC,            NetApp, Hewlett-Packard, Dell,Brocade and more.             Our employees lead enterprise level projects for some of the            world’s largest organizations.


What                                                          Can PGTEK                                                          offer you:

PGTEK                                                          encourages a                                                          flexible work                                                          environment                                                          that is                                                          focused on                                                          work-life                                                          balance.                                                           Additionally                                                          PGTEK provides                                                          personal                                                          opportunity                                                          for growth by                                                          providing                                                          superior                                                          in-house and                                                          vendor led                                                          training,                                                          access to technical                                                          conferences                                                          and workshops,                                                          big vendor                                                          shadowing as                                                          well as a                                                          tuition                                                          reimbursement                                                          program.                                                           PGTEK                                                          provides the                                                          opportunity to                                                          work with the                                                          best in the                                                          industry on a                                                          wide range of                                                          cutting edge                                                          enterprise                                                          technologies                                                          in a fast                                                          moving culture                                                          that rewards                                                          leadership and                                                          creative                                                          thinkers..   About                                                          us:  Collaboration.                                                          Business                                                          ethics.                                                          Individual                                                          drive. A                                                          strong passion                                                          for                                                          technology.                                                          That’s what                                                          motivates us                                                          at PGTEK. Join                                                          the PGTEK team                                                          and you’ll                                                          work in a                                                          dynamic                                                          environment                                                          with other                                                          motivated,                                                          talented                                                          technical                                                          individuals                                                          who inspire                                                          greatness in                                                          their                                                          teammates. Our                                                          unique                                                          position as a                                                          technology                                                          leader will                                                          ensure that                                                          you’ll always                                                          be challenged                                                          in your work                                                          and supported                                                          in reaching                                                          even the most                                                          ambitious                                                          goals.   Summary:

12-month                                                          position,                                                          already                                                          funded.                                                           Position will                                                          almost                                                          certainly                                                          extend.                                                           TS/SCI is                                                          absolutely                                                          required as                                                          this is for                                                          SOCOM.  Ft.                                                          Bragg, NC is                                                          location                                                          (Raleigh is                                                          definitely                                                          commutable if                                                          someone will                                                          relo).

Customer                                                          comments:



Good                                                          morning. Per                                                          my voicemail;                                                          attached                                                          please find                                                          the position                                                          description                                                          for the data                                                          scientist                                                          position. The                                                          position is                                                          open now, and                                                          as soon as we                                                          find the right                                                          person we need                                                          to fill the                                                          position. Let                                                          John or me                                                          know if you                                                          have any                                                          questions. 


Serves as a                                                          Database                                                          Administrator                                                          and Business                                                          Intelligence                                                          Analyst for                                                          the JCU                                                          Engineering                                                          Cell. Provides                                                          design,                                                          management,                                                          and                                                          improvement of                                                          the                                                           SQL as                                                          a Service                                                          (SaaS)                                                          Enterprise                                                          architectures.                                                          Serves as an                                                          Information                                                          Technology                                                          (IT)                                                          Specialist                                                          performing                                                          work,                                                          independently                                                          and as a                                                          member of a                                                          team, in the                                                          administration,                                                          development,                                                          delivery and                                                          support of IT                                                          systems and                                                          services.                                                          Duties                                                          include, but                                                          are not                                                          limited to,                                                          developing new                                                          methods,                                                          approaches and                                                          procedures in                                                          the specialty                                                          area(s);                                                          providing                                                          advice and                                                          guidance on a                                                          wide range and                                                          variety of                                                          complex IT                                                          issues;                                                          interpreting                                                          IT policies,                                                          standards and                                                          guidelines;                                                          conducting                                                          analysis and                                                          recommending                                                          resolution of                                                          complex issues                                                          affecting the                                                          specialty                                                          area(s);                                                          evaluating and                                                          recommending                                                          adoption of                                                          new or                                                          enhanced                                                          approaches to                                                          delivering IT                                                          monitoring,                                                          reporting, and                                                          business                                                          intelligence                                                          solutions;                                                          identifying                                                          and defining                                                          business or                                                          technical                                                          requirements                                                          applied to the                                                          design,                                                          development,                                                          implementation,                                                          management and                                                          support of                                                          systems and                                                          networks;                                                          ensuring                                                          optimal use of                                                          commercially                                                          available                                                          products;                                                          evaluating                                                          proposals for                                                          the                                                          acquisition                                                          and                                                          maintenance of                                                          IT monitoring,                                                          reporting, and                                                          business                                                          intelligence                                                          products or                                                          services;                                                          preparing and                                                          presenting                                                          reports;                                                          developing                                                          business                                                          intelligence                                                          reports for                                                          consumption by                                                          unit members                                                          and leaders;                                                          Plans and                                                          carries out                                                          difficult and                                                          complex                                                          assignments in                                                          the following                                                          specialty                                                          areas:
1. Serve as                                                          Relational                                                          Database                                                          Management                                                          System (RDBMS)                                                          Administrator.                                                          .
Serve as                                                          Relational                                                          Database                                                          Management                                                          System (RDBMS)                                                          Administrator                                                          responsible                                                          for all                                                          aspects of the                                                          Microsoft                                                           SQL                                                          relational                                                          database                                                          management                                                          system                                                          architectures.                                                          Assists in                                                          developing the                                                          strategy for                                                          optimal use of                                                           SQL                                                          services to                                                          include SSIS,                                                          SSRS, and                                                          SSAS. Develops                                                          network and                                                          systems                                                          focused                                                          SQL-based                                                          reporting                                                          products in                                                          order to                                                          aggregate data                                                          across                                                          multiple                                                          disparate                                                          business                                                          intelligence                                                          and database                                                          platforms.                                                          Provides data                                                          management for                                                          key Enterprise                                                          Services,                                                          supporting a                                                          Joint Service                                                          component on a                                                          global                                                          footprint.                                                          Administers                                                          and manages                                                          the physical                                                          and logical                                                          hosts in                                                          support of                                                          these                                                          technologies.                                                          Evaluates                                                          customer                                                          requirements                                                          and translates                                                          requirements                                                          into mission                                                          support for                                                          the unit, with                                                          the ultimate                                                          goal of                                                          providing                                                          increased                                                          consumption of                                                          unit and                                                          command level                                                          information.                                                          Responsible                                                          for the                                                          configuration                                                          and                                                          maintenance of                                                          servers                                                          running a                                                          combination of                                                          Microsoft                                                           SQL,                                                          postgres, and                                                          other database                                                          platforms on a                                                           Clustered                                                          and standalone                                                          Windows Server                                                          environment.
2. Planning                                                          and Systems                                                          Configuration.
Has experience                                                          or knowledge                                                          with SAN                                                          storage                                                          systems, web                                                          server                                                          software, and                                                          network                                                          technologies                                                          is desired.                                                          Experience and                                                          knowledge of                                                          one or more of                                                          the following                                                          scripting                                                          languages,                                                          Microsoft T-SQL,                                                          Microsoft                                                          PowerShell,                                                          Microsoft                                                          instance of                                                          the R                                                          programming                                                          language, and                                                          Microsoft VBS                                                          is required in                                                          order to                                                          develop new                                                          and maintain                                                          established                                                          automation                                                          processes                                                          which                                                          facilitate the                                                          day to day                                                          operations of                                                          the database                                                          management                                                          system                                                          infrastructures.                                                          Experience or                                                          knowledge with                                                          other advanced                                                          database                                                          management                                                          systems                                                          (DBMS), such                                                          as postgres                                                          and MySQL is                                                          preferred.

3. System and Customer support.
Provides                                                          customer                                                          support for                                                          the command                                                          and unit level                                                          members on all                                                           “as-a-service”                                                           offerings for                                                          the business                                                          intelligence                                                          team. Receives                                                          customer                                                          guidance and                                                          requirements                                                          in order to                                                          develop new                                                          solutions for                                                          the                                                          consumption of                                                          business                                                          intelligence                                                          information.                                                          Troubleshoots                                                          complex                                                          problems.                                                          Manages                                                          customer                                                          trouble                                                          tickets using                                                          automated                                                          standardized                                                          system.                                                          Consults with                                                          other IT                                                          Specialists to                                                          identify                                                          defects in                                                          team products                                                          and solutions,                                                          providing                                                          administrative                                                          and technical                                                          assistance to                                                          unit members.
4. Develop                                                          requirements                                                          and makes                                                          professional                                                          recommendations.
Develops                                                          requirements                                                          and                                                          specifications                                                          for business                                                          intelligence,                                                          network and                                                          system                                                          monitoring,                                                          and data                                                          aggregation                                                          products and                                                          solutions.                                                          Consults with                                                          customers to                                                          refine                                                          operational                                                          requirements                                                          and translate                                                          requirements                                                          into technical                                                          specifications                                                          and solutions.                                                          Analyzes,                                                          evaluates,                                                          documents and                                                          makes                                                          professional                                                          recommendations                                                          on the merits                                                          of proposed                                                          systems                                                          development                                                          projects.                                                          Integrates new                                                          technologies                                                          into the                                                          business                                                          intelligence                                                          and network                                                          monitoring                                                          architecture.                                                          Applies a                                                          structured                                                          systems                                                          analysis                                                          approach to                                                          the design and                                                          development of                                                          new or                                                          enhanced                                                          applications.
Performs other                                                          duties as                                                          assigned.
CONDITIONS OF                                                          EMPLOYMENT:
1. Temporary                                                          Duty (TDY)                                                          travel is                                                          required                                                          approximately                                                          30% of the                                                          time requiring                                                          the employee                                                          to travel away                                                          from the                                                          normal duty                                                          station.
2. This                                                          position                                                          requires the                                                          incumbent to                                                          hold IA                                                          Technical                                                          level 3                                                          certification                                                          under DoD                                                          Directive                                                          8570.1 (IA                                                          Training and                                                          Workforce                                                          Management)                                                          and related                                                          implementing                                                          policies. The                                                          Personnel                                                          Security                                                          Standard of                                                          this position                                                          is IT Level 1                                                          under AR 25-2                                                          Information                                                          Assurance.
3. Incumbent                                                          is required to                                                          satisfactorily                                                          complete the                                                          appropriate                                                          training and                                                          obtain the                                                          required                                                          certification/recertification                                                          for this                                                          position as                                                          outlined in                                                          DoD                                                          Publication                                                          8570.01-M                                                          Information                                                          Assurance                                                          Workforce                                                          Improvement                                                          Program, dated                                                          19 December                                                          2005                                                          (incorporating                                                          Change 1, 15                                                          May 2008)
4. Position                                                          requires the                                                          ability to                                                          obtain and                                                          maintain a                                                          Single Scope                                                          Background                                                          Investigation                                                          (SSBI) with                                                          Secret/Top                                                          Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) clearance eligibility.
5. This                                                          position is                                                          designated as                                                          mission                                                          critical.
6. Duties of                                                          the position                                                          may/will                                                          require                                                          extended work                                                          hours based on                                                          operational or                                                          mission                                                          requirements.

7. May be                                                          required to                                                          carry a                                                          Government                                                          Furnished                                                          Equipment                                                          (GFE) cellular                                                          device.
8. Must                                                          possess and                                                          maintain a                                                          valid                                                          stateside                                                          driver’s                                                          license.
9. Position                                                          requires                                                          employee to                                                          successfully                                                          complete                                                          locally                                                          identified                                                          recurring                                                          Information                                                          Assurance and                                                          annual                                                          training.



If                                                          you or anyone                                                          you know is                                                          interested in                                                          these                                                          positions                                                          please do the                                                          following:

1.                                                                Please send me                                                          a copy of your                                                          resume

2.                                                                Please send me                                                          your                                                          availability

3.                                                                Send me your                                                          desired salary

4.                                                                Please send me                                                          your daytime                                                          phone #


Richard Rowland

P: 703.508.8899

F: 703.435.0773


  • Location:
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: No
  • Spouse Friendly: No

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