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Corruption (Narcotic Nexus) Research Targeting and Assessment Advisor Operations (Afghanistan) – POC in Listing

Posted by on October 12, 2017

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The Corruption Narcotics Nexus Targeting &                        Assessment / Advisor works at the direction of                        the Targeting Operations Branch Chief as part of                        the Counter-Corruption Task Force. Performs                        target development and participates in all                        phases of the targeting process. Analyzes                        intelligence and reporting for investigation                        lead development and assists in the generation                        of Corruption Narcotics Nexus requirements for                        collection or exploitation in support of counter                        corruption mission.
Generates targets for and participates in the                        joint, interagency, lethal, non-lethal, and Key                        Leader Engagement (KLE) targeting process from                        conception to completion. Performs daily review                        of intelligence and other incoming reporting for                        lead development and follow-up and assists in                        the generation of Corruption Narcotics Nexus                        requirements responsive to requests for                        information from Target Coordination Forward                        Personnel. Assists in limited scope analysis and                        when appropriate, provide actionable                        intelligence from that analysis. Plans,                        coordinates, and synchronizes efforts. Provides                        unity of purpose among all mission partners in                        order to achieve optimum effects with host                        nation counterparts, interagency partners,                        international agencies, NATO and US Forces.                        Establishes counter corruption communities of                        action and applies available partner nation,                        interagency, law enforcement, military, and                        international resources to COM RS priorities as                        identified by Targeting leadership. Completes                        required training at US CENTCOM HQs in Tampa, FL                        before deploying to become a train-the-trainer                        for the rest of the Counter Corruption Targeting                        Organization. Completes required personal                        weapons qualification prior to deployment.
Experience and Education:
Required Qualifications:
Must possess a current TS/SCI clearance.
Ten years of targeting experience and a Master’s                        degree or equivalent experience.
One year experience with Counter-Threat Finance                        methods and tools.
Previous deployment experience with US military,                        Department of State, or law enforcement.
Medically deployable.
Desired Qualifications:
Graduate of the DIAC Advanced Counter Threat                        Finance Course.
Three years of experience with Counter-Threat                        Finance methods and tools and expertise.
Experience with Task Force 2010, the Combined                        Joint Interagency Task Force-Afghanistan                        (CJIATF-A), Shafafiyat, or CJIATF-Nexus Special                        Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction                        (SIGAR) or other counter corruption organization                        .
Candidates please put the name Lisa                        Washington in the section asking for how you                        heard about position.


  • Location:
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: No
  • Spouse Friendly: No

To apply to this job, contact .