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Battle Staff Trainer (COC)

Posted by on April 19, 2017

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Location – Command and Control Training Center of Excellence (C2TECOE), USMC Training and Education Command (TECOM), Quantico, VA

Position Description    The position holder will provide instruction and curriculum development for Marine Air Ground Task Force Ground Combat Element Battle Staff  training and  Combat Operations Center (COC) equipment, as well as COC equipment support. Instruction will include individual and collective training on operational use of COC IT systems.

Specific Tasks

•            Period of instruction (POI) development support – Provide training services and POI development for the COC Equipment in accordance with the Marine Corps’ Systems Approach to Training (SAT) manual.

•            COC Equipment Training Support

o            Provide COC Equipment Operations services at the C2 TECOE. Install, operate, and maintain the COC CAPSET IV located at the C2 TECOE and at remote sites, including the COC Base-X 303 Tent, the Generator, Electrical Control Unit, Tent Trailer (GETT) system, the Operational Trailer (OT), computer systems, tables, audio visual equipment, map boards, and ventilation systems.

o            Provide on-site COC Equipment instructor support using the approved government program of instruction and accompanying course materials.

            Coordinate POI information input for the revising COC Equipment POIs using collaborative systems such as the C2 TECOE SharePoint site and teleconferencing.

            Establish Course Curriculum Review Board (CCRB) schedules and dates for approval by the government COR

            Ensure POI updates are published to all the MAGTF Integrated System Training Centers (MISTCs) and their COC Equipment instructors through the C2 TECOE SharePoint site.

            Consolidate written MISTC Course Critique information in support of the CCRB.

            On a quarterly basis, make written recommendations to the Government on POI changes.

o            Comply with the C2 TECOE security management program in the overall physical security of the C2 TECOE CAPSET IV system. Assist both the C2 TECOE Security Manager Information Management/COC (IM/COC) Section Head with the upkeep and operation of the COC CAPSET IV.

o            Conduct inventory and accountability of all Government Provided Equipment included in the COC CAPSET IV located at each training site with the Government Provided Automated Inventory control system.

•            COC Battle Staff Training Support

o            Instruct Marines, commanders, and staffs on the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of C2 systems employment and usage within the COC specifically associated with the art of C2. Instruction will focus on C2 systems employment in support of Watch Officer and /or Watch Chief duties, and how the various watch standers within the COC interact to provide information that optimally supports the commander’s decision process and battle rhythm.

o            Assist the C2 TECOE primary government instructor in providing BST training for the following C2 systems and software applications in the regimental/battalion COC operating environment: Army Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS); Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below/ Blue Force Tracker (FBCB2-BFT); and Identity Dominance Tools available in the COC. Use government furnished POI’s and coordinate his/her respective instructional role in the BST event with the Government lead.

o            Provide information during COC training regarding the COC computer networks, network topologies and how to employ and operate the COC voice and audio visual communication systems.

o            Provide after action report input and recommendations for COC process and management improvement to the training unit.  This includes: (a) evaluating the unit’s COC Standard Operating Procedures for COC Equipment installation against Marine Corps procedures; (b) evaluating the unit’s performance in relation to the COC BST Event Evaluation matrix and the Marine Corps’ C2 Training and Readiness Manual.

o            Coordinate the production of computer-based/web-based COC training with the COC POI Manager and representatives from the COC program office and the Marine Corps Formal School.


General capabilities and experience requirements

•            Well versed in MAGTF Operations at the tactical level for Company through Regimental infantry, logistics, and combat operations.

•            Experience in maneuver control systems and fire support, with an emphasis on integrating fire support coordination with ground operations utilizing the family of C2 systems fielded as part of the COC Capability Set (CAPSET) version III and IV.

•            Ability to maintain a SECRET clearance

•            Recent operational experience (e.g.; OIF/OEF) desired.


Specific education, skills and experience requirements

•            High School Diploma

•            Documented experience with Marine Corps Combat Operations Center operations

•            Documented experience with Marine Corps ground combat units

•            Understanding of Marine Corps Ground Combat Element Battalion and Regimental COC operations

•            Documented experience with “schoolhouse situations” delivering classroom lectures and

leading seminars and instructional presentations

•            Documented college level writing and communication skills

•            Proficiency with MS Office applications

•            Ability to interface with mid- and senior-grade personnel

•            Ability to obtain a Secret security clearance


Preferred education, skills and experience

•            Associate or Bachelor’s Degree

•            Eight + years of experience as a US Marine

•            Recent experience as a Marine Corps Instructor

•            Documented experience with training and curriculum development

•            Documented experience utilizing the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) and SAT processes in support of Marine Corps Periods of Instruction

•            Completed DoD curriculum development school managers course or Instructional Systems Design (ISD) such as the Marine Corps’ Formal Schools Manager Course or service equivalent

•            Documented experience using automated curriculum development and database tools

such as the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS)



  • Location:
  • Salary: $60
  • Clearance Required: Yes
  • Spouse Friendly: No

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