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Academics Manager

Posted by on November 13, 2019

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The Academics Manager is responsible for managing a cadre of instructors ensuring that all instructor activities are in compliance with the Marine Corps Instructional System Design / Systems Approach to Training and Education (MCISD/SATE) Handbook, and the MCCMOS Academics SOP. Additionally, the Academics Manager is responsible for making recommendations to the Director, MCCMOS related to MCTIMS management, the T&R process, POI submission, the formal school evaluation plan, the faculty/staff development plan, the formal school academic SOP, and Course Content Review Boards (CCRBs). The Academics Manager receives work direction from the MCCMOS Project Manager. The Academics Manager will perform the following duties:


  • Maintain Programs of Instruction (POIs) and Master Lesson Files (MLFs) and training schedules for designated courses.
  • Develop new courseware/Programs of Instruction, conduct learning analysis and create written exams in MCTIMS as required.
  • Supervise and monitor testing. Accurately evaluate student performance and provide testing analysis from test results/ERFs.
  • Organize/facilitate CCRBs and produce a Record of Proceeding (ROP).
  • Organize/facilitate T&R Conferences and assist in developing, maintaining and revising individual and collective T&R Events.
  • Provide Academic support to semi-annual CA OAGs.
  • Assist in modifying role-player scripts and incorporate them into the MSELs to facilitate performance evaluations during the field exercise.
  • Serve as the MCTIMS quota manager for MCCMOS. Facilitate and attend the annual TIP conference.
  • Review and submit the Monthly Production report to WTBN.
  • Monitor the performance of the instructor cadre by ensuring performance is documented via the Instructor Evaluation Checklist.
  • Ensure instructor cadre collects during instruction data (Instructor Rating Forms, Evaluation Rating Forms).
  • Ensure instructor cadre completes post-instruction requirements (After Instruction Reports, After Evaluation Reports).
  • Ensure instructor cadre collects post-course data (End of Course Critiques).
  • Ensure instructor cadre consolidates End of Course Critiques into After Course Report.
  • Ensure all data gets appropriately archived and communicated to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Monitor the validation of course graduates in MCTIMS.
  • Maintain instructor training records.
  • Conduct internal curriculum inspections.
  • Create and track Individual Development Plans (in coordination with Course Managers, individual instructors, Project Manager, and the government).
  • Supervise curriculum events (CCRBs, learning analyses, MLF reviews).
  • Supervise completion of tasks related to curriculum events.
  • Attend faculty development, meetings, and conferences as directed.
  • Performs other tasks deemed necessary by the Project Manager.
  • Support the designated Course Manager(s) in their duties.


  • Minimum of a High School Diploma (College Degree Preferred).
  • Graduate of the Formal School Instructor Course, or Basic Instructor Course.
  • Graduate of the Curriculum Developer Course.
  • Graduate of the Formal School Manager Course is preferred.
  • The ideal candidate has previously served as an instructor at a Marine Corps Formal School (MOS producing school, or the SNCO Academy).
  • Experience as a Chief Instructor, Course Manager, Academics Manager, or Formal School Manager is preferred.
  • Former experience in Civil Affairs, CMO planner or operations chief is preferred.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Expert-level knowledge in Formal School Management and Operations.
  • Expert-level knowledge in Instructor Management.
  • Expert-level knowledge of MCISD/SATE.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational, planning, and prioritization skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills


  • Required to sit for extended periods of time and maintain focus.
  • Be able to lift 15 pounds.
  • Daily travel in the local area during the workday (including the use of a personal vehicle).


  • Ability to obtain or have a security clearance.
  • Requires 0-5% travel.


  • Location: MCB Quantico, Quantico, VA 22134,
  • Salary: Not provided
  • Clearance Required: Yes
  • Spouse Friendly: No

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